• They scare me

    One was so closed to attacking me. And i have also been seeing on the news that a lot of people has been attacked from pitbull's . And some pitbulls were raised very well but they still attack their owners or their children. I thinks its cruel for kids to be almost killed because of pitbulls

  • Because they hurt

    Little kids and make most kids die or have big disorders. Like brain damage, ect. Most people say nay but i say they should becauces so many of them are put down today because of them attacking there owners i used to have one but she didnt attack but it was unhappy

  • They scawy monsta

    One time a car almost hit me and so i ran away and saw a pitbull point blank its a good family dog but it bit off my leg. So now im legless. But its alright because i sued the pitbull and won his doghouse. Now whos lAUGJHING HAHAH LOL

  • Genetics cannot be escaped

    Unfortunately the dog is unpredictable, Even as pro-pitbulls people say they not this has been proved factually and statistically time and time again. Any dog that poses such a threat to mankind is simply not a pet. Pit bull owners themselves are often the victim of attack and if a owner cannot control a animal what does that say? It has nothing to do with the raising, Just ask anyone that has been attacked by their own dog or lost a child sue to the mentally and unprovoked attacks. Pit bull supporters are seriously in la-la land and need mental help.

  • Danger to people

    The vast majority of fatalities to humans were caused by pit bulls in the last ten years. Other breeds murder too, but the inherit danger of pit bulls should be enough to want to ban them. Besides, why not get another dog? We don't need pit bulls in the US. Not even slightly. People always say, "look how cute they are". Emotions shouldn't sway the facts that they are dangerous. Wait till a politician's family member gets murdered.

  • 70% of Human Deaths from dogs are due to this one breed

    Every year pit bulls kill more humans in the USA than every other breed. The percentage that pit bulls make up of all human kills is steadily increasing. Human life deserves to be protected wherever it can. The pit bull breed does not bring any more joy to a family than other breeds. Without this breed many innocent lives would be saved every year. Without this breed every dog-loving family would still have countless other dogs and breeds to choose from.


  • They are bred to kill...

    Dog owners naturally love their pets, but it's in a pit bulls nature. They were bred to kill! It's always pit bulls or another dangerous dog that are responsible for killings. Just think about the poor babies who can't defend themselves from suffering a horrific attack. Although you can argue that the dog is unlikely to ever attack to this extreme, the fact that there is a much higher probability than other dogs. It shouldn't even be a debate, these dogs are so dangerous.

  • They are breed to kill

    Dogs bite to bite, pitbulls bite to kill. Dogs won't attack their owner without reason, pitbulls kill their owner without hestitation. The safety of people is more important then the feelings of the people who own these monsters. It's just a matter of time when the owner will get attacked or killed themselves. Why aren't they worrying? There is enough evidence against these shitbulls.

  • They are hurting people

    I don't hate them but the are start to hurt people and get them hurt people are making them hurt each other so for there safety we shod banned from have as pet's unless if you are not kill people maybe and hurt no one or an thin more people will say no.

    P.S first comment come down

  • They are breed to kill other dogs

    Pitbulls have been known to hurt kill and sieriosly injure. A three year old died on my street last year by a pit bull. She was on her own lawn picking flowers and doing nothing to agitate or anger the pitbull. That is y pitt bulls should be banned becasuethere a danger to anyone

  • They are an individual.

    Pits are the descendant of the original English Bull-Baiting dog. This was a dog that was bred to bait large animals, Like: Bulls, Bears, And others. They would grab/ bite the animal around the face, Head, And/ or neck. After banding baiting large animals, In the 1800’s people would turn to fighting their dogs against other animals or even sometimes other people. But, There is also those people that turned to turning their dogs into this loving caring dog. And then, In the early 1900’s Pit-Bulls were known as “nanny dogs”, Because they were loyal and they would watch, In and caring way, Over the young ones in their family. Sometimes they would do it as if they are their own pup. So, Raise the damn dog right or they would disrespect you. Charlotte Alter said “Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things”. This can also be said about any breed of dog even PIT-BULLS!

  • Banning one ban all!

    Pit-Bulls are like any other dog. It is said that they have an aggressive background, But that is because they are seen as fighting dogs. However, Any dog could be aggressive and unpredictable, But because it is easier to blame one breed instead of all breeds and human defaults. Blaming the breed that looks at the biggest and strongest; the bread that was abused and used in dog fights and human protection. Look at that picture, They were raised to be that way, Raised to protect themselves, Just like humans. If you were put in a ring and the only way out to was to kill, You would destroy anyone who stepped in that ring. It is natural to choose ones self, Even with the capability of compassion.

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  • Don't banned pits unless you are going to banned all dogs!

    The problem is pits are misunderstood and don't get taken care of. It all depends on how you raise them. If you raise them to be mean then they will be mean to humans and other animals. But, If you raise them to be loving caring dogs they would be loving caring dogs!

  • don't ban the misunderstood pitbull

    Pitbulls are the sweetest, Smartest, Cutest dogs ever. No dog should be banned in this world. This is the form of racism, Do you know there's more child molesters, Muderers, And bad humans at there more than pitbull attacks. My dog is a pitbull and there's always a cat in my front yard. And he never attack it he just chase it away and one it in the street he stop and walks away and one time I had a bully and she was trying to throw something at me then he barked at her and chased her until she was gone. You know they can be your protecters and your best friend

  • They are used for search and rescue they are great with kids they will jump in front of a bullet to save their owners.

    Yes they are aggressive but that only happens when provoked. They can turn on owners but still if provoked most attacks are unsupervised children yes there have been lots of fatalities involving pit bulls they will turn to their instincts. And can be dangerous dogs in homes and shelters there

  • They are loving

    The only reason pitbulls are depicted as aggressive dogs is because people TRAIN them to be that way. Just like any other breed of dogs, if you do not show your dog love and affection & only teach them how to hurt they WILL hurt. BLAME THE MESSED UP OWNERS

  • Its the owners to blame not the pit bulls!!!

    B.S.L! Its the owners to blame for how their pit bulls act. Most pit bulls are left outside chained to a tree, starved, abused, used in illegal dog fighting (even if you think its not going on, trust me it is), while there are actually good owners out there taking care of their dogs, there are mean people abusing their dog(s).

    And just and FYI banning pit bulls doesnt put a stop to dog attacks.

  • No they shouldn't

    Because pit bulls will love you unconditionally and forever they are like your best friend plus I'd you are going to go and say that they are dangerous you are wrong the reasons they might hurt you is because of their owner or you did something wrong! I have had personal experience with 2 and one of them was my best friend and the other one helped me feel more safe when I was alone. Pit bulls used to be called banny dogs because of how nice and sweet they are to children. Oh yeah and in the little rascals their dog Petey the pup was an American Pit bull. Pit bulls are just like any other dog also not to mention golden retrievers have also hurt people and kids but the news doesn't cover that and no one will pay any attention to that they all pay attention to when a pit bull hurts someone but yet again if you get attacked it's either the owner who did something or you not the dog!!!!!!

  • Shut down bsl

    Do you know how they say all Pitbulls are dangerous? Well that’s a lie, that was used to trick people to not buy Pitbulls. The real deal is, Responsible ownership can prevent aggressive tendencies. So however you treat them that is how your dog is going to be so good ownership, good dog. :)

    Pitbulls have locking jaws is another lie in the book. There jaws exert less force than the jaws of Rottweilers and German Shepherds :))

    Pitbulls are not know as bad dogs they were originally called, “America’s dogs.”

    First of all, pit bulls are one of the most popular breeds, so it makes sense that the frequency of attacks would correlate in such a manner. Secondly, pitbulls do not inherently attack more than any other breed. Pit bulls may attack often, but this may just be because they are trained to do so.

    +40% of pitbulls are in shelters because of this banned and owners being scared of their dogs after what they hear on the news

    I have a Pitbull myself and he hasn't done any harm to our family. He is also trained to not bark and attack when necessary, but sadly is not potty trained because when he gets mad or scared when we leave him alone he might do potty on the floor

    Majority of the classmates and teachers/staff said Pitbulls should not be banned, they also said that they are kind and beautiful dogs and theres is no reason for them to be banned and most of my classmates & staff have dogs and Pitbulls so they have experience with dogs.

    If you see on the news the attacks or always outside so that means they are either strays or the owners are being bad and leaving them outside with no care.

    Theres Pitbulls that can save your life like Sergeant Stubby, the dog saved many soldiers life’s in WORLD WAR ||, and was the best dog in that same war.

    This is basically BSL, BSL is pratically judging dogs by there breed. It is just a breed not there personality, This is why dogs need love and affection!

    Most dogs have a higher ranks to attack then a pitbull.

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