• Why would anyone want an animal that could snap and Maim or kill their kids, grand kids, loved ones, themselves?

    Do Pitbull supporters not know how to read? A Pitbull kills an American citizen every 19 days! Kills! Not bites, not tears their ears, or nose off, kills! They also tear up children's faces, arms, legs. They also kill neighborhood pets. Is this not enough to support a ban? They are killing people! The Pitbull owners seem to be as thick as the dogs they own. " It is the owners not the breed"?? What the hell does that mean? The owners wanted their dogs to kill their baby's and small children? There are so many stories of good owners, having pitbulls as family pets for years with no incidents, and then all of a sudden "snap." The dog goes nuts and someone is killed or scarred for life. It is the owners, for being stupid enough to own one of these killing machines!

  • Yes, pitbulls should be banned because they are dangerous.

    Pitbulls can seriously maul or even kill people and other animals, especially if they are smaller - making children especially vulnerable. Pit bulls alone account for nearly half all human deaths caused by dogs. Many of these deaths by pit bulls are of the dog's owners or their families. For this reason, this especially dangerous breed should be banned.

  • I own a pitbull!

    SHE IS VERY SWEET AND NICE STAPH IT NOW. She loves company and doesn't even bark when someone comes over! She is great, stop, they're good. THEY'rE NiCe! These words are her to make the argument bigger. I don't wanna write the rest, but pitbulls are good and nice, end of story!

  • These dogs were bred to maim

    Pitbulls are just as capable of having a sweet personality as a golden retriever. A golden retriever is just as capable of having an "off" day as a pitbull. The difference is that, if a pitbull bites a person or another animal, they shake their heads and maim. Even kill. On top of that... Let's be honest... They were also bred to be more aggressive.

    Pitbull fanatics act like this is some type of equivalent of human racism. It isn't. No race was selectively bred to have certain characteristics. Pitbulls were. That is the difference.

  • Too good at fighting, too unpredictable, too good at killing.

    These dogs were bred too bring down and kill 2,000 lb bulls. These animals were bred too be the most capable killer of all dogs. These animals kill more than all other breeds combined. These animals are far too predictable. These animals are killing our children. There are over 400 different breeds of dogs. Get one that is not consistently killing children.

  • Pit bulls should not be banned anywhere, let alone suburban areas.

    Any domesticated dog, has years of domestication behind it in it's genetics, and therefor should be permitted to be a pet in any living area, including suburban areas. Pit bulls are no exception. Though they were bred to be a very athletic dog, any dog can be trained to be completely harmless.

  • In a line up...

    In a line up 10 different breeds one of them being a pit bull, 8 out 10 people have selected the wrong breed. That shows what the media labels as a "pit bull" is usually the opinion of someone who has an agenda. Not to say it doesn't happen, because a dog is still an animal, but it typically is the breed "pit bull"

  • Arrogant people .

    To everyone saying yes, you guys are idiots. Any animal could be "vicious" or "maul kids" if they feel the need to or are trained to be that way. Before you judge the actual dog, how about you guys judge the owner of the dog for raising it to act violently. Yes, pit bulls are known for fighting, but that's because they are known for being strong. By the way, they do NOT have a lock jaw.

  • Irresponsible Pit Bull Owners

    Pit bulls are lovable and loyal to their owners, but need to be trained and socialized, just like many other dogs. It wasn't long ago that Chows and Dobermans were on the chopping block. When I was little a German Shepard mauled me. The point is that having either one of these dogs should not be owned by sissies. I do believe that people get them because they are trying to make a point, but they are not responsible dog owners and don't know how to train them. Many young, single women I know have a pit bull for protection and they are very responsible owners. I find it funny that people want to have M-16s, but oh my GOD! Not a pit bull. Pit bulls are good with people, but are protective when it comes to other dogs. It is important to socialize them early, but not ban them.

  • No! Ban the idiots!!!!

    Why ban pit bulls when really you should do more extensive background checks on the owners before allowing them to own/adopt a pit bull or pit bull type dog. If people would stop fighting them and teaching them to be aggressive this argument wouldn't be happening. We need more responsible pet owners. Don't blame the breed! Blame the idiots that are teaching them bad behavior.

  • They are sometimes mean

    Pit bulls are getting a bad reputation and they don't need it. People have been
    Misunderstanding pitbulls. They need to learn more about pitbulls and how they act.
    Here are thing that will probably change their mind.

    A dog’s aggression is a natural trait and it does not happen often. But when it happens it is usually not to bad. Allso owners can help control the pitbull’s or other dog’s aggression by loving and caring for there dog. In fact people think pitbulls are only used as fighting dogs or don't like other people or dogs but only 3% of pitbulls are fighting dogs or have very bad aggression and they are being taken care of for the problem. They are nice dogs and pets.

  • Pit Bulls aren't Predators

    Every dog has the instinct in it to fight or flight. Depending how that dog is raised can increase or decrease one more than the other. It is the kind of owners who raise certain dogs to fight that need to be banned, but of course this isn't possible. If someone is to own or raise a dog it is their responsibility to raise it right. Don't punish the families who have raised their pit bull as a family loving dog. There are very many of them out there who wouldn't hurt a fly. There are those pit bulls who were raised to be mean, but just because an irresponsible owner does that doesn't mean that the whole breed should be banned.

  • Pitbulls are awesome dogs!

    No, I own a pitbull and he is most loving animal I have ever meet, its all the owners fault if the animal is aggressive not the dog its about it home. My dog is scared of cats and he is a Pitt/American bulldog! Give pitts a chance people they are amazing dogs!!

  • No Let Them Stay..

    Pitbulls are no more inclined to attack than any other breed of dog. Because of negative press surrounding this breed, pitbulls are often erroneously labeled as “vicious.” Several factors, some unrelated to the breed itself, contribute to a dog attacking another animal or person. But why should they be blamed for the ignorance of someone else? Every living thing has something an instinct sort of that clicks in the back of their head and tells them to attack when threatend. Although some attacks are uncalled for and can't be justified, its no reason to stereo type all pitbulls.

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