• Make pitbulls illegal

    There are many of these animals in my area, and because of this, I will no longer walk without pepper spray. I would rather face a grizzly than one of these animals. Just read about the attacks. Pit bulls attack for NO earthly reason. And when they attack a child or an elderly person, the result is usually death. Why would any person want to own a pet that has been bred to kill? It makes no sense. Making the breed harder to own would stop some of the indiscriminate breeding and selling. Around here there are hundreds for sale on Craig's List at any given time. There must be as many pups sired by hyper aggressive parents as not. Those aggressive dogs end up attacking someone. I am sick of reading about the attacks.

  • Yes they are dangerous

    My dog was killed by a pit bull last month. Although they can be very loyal and loving to their owners, these animals are powerful and have an instinct to attack other dogs and humans. Everyday, people are attacked by pit bulls. A pit bull attack isn't like any other. They grip on to their prey, and refuse to let go. My dog was killed by a pit bull last month.

  • Ban pit bulls

    Owning a pit bull puts your and others lives in danger. All dogs bite, but pit bulls are more likely to kill when they bite than any other dog. They were bred to kill dogs in dog fights. It is not the dog’s fault but that does not make them less deadly to people and dogs.
    Pit bulls were bred to kill dogs. The pit bull tends be more irritable and aggressive than any other breed. This is not the fault of the dog but it is still a danger to humans and dogs. Pit bulls have a way of biting that is called “bating”, the pit bull will bite and will not release until the victim is dead. They were selectively bred to be able to win in a dogfight, and they have a natural instinct to kill. They were bred to be able to “kill” in a “pit” hence the name pit bull. There are other breeds that tend to be aggressive, like the Jack Russell Terrier, but a Jack Russel won't kill you as easily as a pit bull can.
    Pit bulls have killed and mauled more humans than any other dog breed. Every month there are about 18 human deaths from dogs, 15 of them are from pit bulls. 47% of human deaths caused by dogs in 2012 were caused by pit bulls. This is the same as a pit bull killing a human every 21 days for three years. Since 1982 pitt bulls have killed at least 233 people, and maimed 1268; Rottweilers (the second highest) have only killed 18 people and injured 277. This is again not the pit bull's fault.
    Some people might argue that it is the fault of the owners that pit bulls are dangerous and that they are trained to be dangerous. This argument is inconsistent. Pit bulls are a low percentage of dogs in America, yet they have killed and maimed the most people. In many of the incidents the owners have said that the dog had never done anything like this before, and pit bulls who live with good owners have still hurt and killed people. If the owner is at fault then why aren't badly treated golden retrievers and labradors killing and maiming people. The reality is that pit bulls are dangerous dogs.
    Pit bulls are bred not trained to kill and the statistics speak for themselves. Pit bulls need to be banned. There are so many breeds of dogs is it really worth putting your and others lives in danger for this small breed?

  • Bred to kill other dogs

    This is a breed that was created to see other dogs as prey which has only become worse in the last 30 years with back yard breeding for maximum aggression. Even most "good" pitbull owners are totally ignorant of this fact. Every week you hear about a child or pet being seriously injured or killed by a pitbull. The owners often say "I didn't think she was capable of that" The reason for this is because the very people who are attracted to this breed are also poor and uneducated and cannot afford training or liability insurance. It's unacceptable that we let a few idiots put us all in danger. The need for a law banning this breed in populated areas is obvious.

  • 2-year-old boy killed by pit bulls at baby sitter's house: How's that for a Headline!

    September 23, 2013:
    "A 2-year-old Arizona boy has died after being mauled by a trio of pit bulls at his baby sitter’s house. The dogs attacked the child after he got caught in the middle of the fight, and his 28-year-old baby sitter suffered cuts to her arms, legs and hands as she tried to pull the dogs off him. The dogs are currently being held for 10 days in a local animal shelter".
    I'm curious to know what pit bull owner's think should be done with these "pets"? Please be civil in your comments; for I know you can, because, well, you're civil like the dogs you raise. And answer the question FIRST, before you ASK a question. Again, put your beer down, and be civil.

  • The "It's the owner's fault is invalid"

    Every time a pitbull-type dog kills or injures a human or another dog, there are always those who immediately blame the owners in the dog’s defense. These kind of people usually go on to say that there is nothing wrong with pitbulls and that they are sweet dogs. I’ve found some inconsistencies with this argument and I'd like to share them with you.

    Pitbulls make up a relatively low percentage of dogs in the America. Pitbull-type dogs account for less than 5% of dogs in America. Here is an excerpt from Dogbites.Org:

    Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.Org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. Citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.

    This stat is not including the non-fatal attacks that pitbulls were responsible for. Also, this study was from 2006 to 2008.

    According to multiple sources, since 1982 to 2012, pitbulls have killed 233 people and the second highest was rottweilers at 81 deaths. In that same study, pitbulls had maimed 1268 people while rottweilers (2nd highest) maimed 277 in U.S. & Canada.

    Just this year, there have been 18 fatal dog attacks reported. Of these, 15 of them were caused by pitbulls.

    The statistics speak for themselves. If it were the owners fault, why aren’t there more golden retrievers or german shepherds killing and maiming people? The simple truth is that pitbulls, as a breed, are dangerous dogs. Even insurance companies understand this.

  • Untrustworthy and Dangerous

    I was almost attacked by one twice when I was young. It would have killed me if it could had. Most attacks by dogs are from pit bulls. And they are dangerous. Plus they can attack without warning and there are a lot of very irresponsible owners. If they were banned there wouldn't have been as many deaths and people losing limbs.

  • Other dogs can bite too, but are less likely to kill you

    Pro pitbull people say that if a dog is aggressive it's the owners fault. They say that any dog has the potential to bite so that their breed shouldn't be banned simply because a higher number of pitbull owners, compared to other dog owners, trained their dog to be aggressive. First of all these dogs have higher tendency than many other breeds to be aggressive. A high prey drive is part of their breed profile. People that say otherwise are not looking at the facts. How often do you hear of a pug biting someone? Yes there are other breeds with high prey drives also, such a a jack russell, but a pit bull is much more likely to kill you if you are attacked by one. I've been a proponent of banning aggressive breeds after being bit by a friend's pit bull, he seemed like a responsible owner and the only thing I did to provoke it is look at him, but now my arm is scarred for life. Coincidentaly, I was also bit by a friend's rottweiler in the same year.

  • People before dogs please.

    Neighbours have just moved next door to my girlfriend with one of these monsters. So now my 4 year old daughter who up until last week could go in and out of the garden cant now because these beast is sat in the next garden free as a a bird. So do I have to sit here and wait for me or any of our kids have to wait to be the next statistics just because some idiot wants to look tough.

  • Doctor who sees the injuries

    I work in a pediatric emergency room and see mauled children come in all the time. Almost all of these have been pit bulls, often family pets who have never done anything like this before. It's irresponsible to own these vicious creatures. I have seen too many faces torn to shreds.

  • Pitbulls are not a weapon but a loving pet.

    I use to be the one that didn't like pitbulls because of the way the media portrayed them, but they are loving creatures. My husband and I just got two, and they are the most loving pets we could have. They're so protective, because you love them. So, no, they shouldn't be illegal. If that's the case, then all dogs she be illegal - not just one breed.

  • This is dogism...

    Its just like racism and sexism but against a race of dogs... This is very un-exceptable. How would you feel if you got banned just because you did something bad because someone provoked you to do it. Just because a dog was brought up in a bad way and reacts in defense dosnt mean that all dogs should be punished.

  • It is how the owner raises the dog, and not the do itself.

    I Pit bull is not born as a dog that wants to fight, it is raised that way by immoral people who have nothing better to do with their worthless life than to train dogs to kill each other and then if they don't perform then they kill the dog themselves. Any "man" who shoots a creature in the head because it does not want to fight deserves to spend eternity in hell. Pit bulls are very intelligent, strong dogs that want nothing more than to please their owner. So how is it their fault that in order to please their owner they have to be aggressive? It is the owners that we should seek out and punish, not the dogs. Chances are if a person is engaging in training dogs to fight, they are also participating in other unlawful acts. I'm just saying, we should focus our resources on catching and punishing those propelling dog fighting and try to rehabilitate the poor Pit bulls.

  • Pit Bull Are

    Pittbulls like any other terrier breed were bred to be working dogs. Terrier=Earth dog. I currently have 2 pittbuls, 2 jack russells, an american bulldog, and a bunny. They all get along. And all of them besides the bunny are rescue dogs. Do they take work? YES. But so do all breeds. Most people seeking medical attention from a dog bite were bit by a small breed dog. However, it's not as juicy of a story. You never hear,... Yorkie at LARGE! Theres no difference in dogs outside their size. The bigger the dog, the more damage it can do. Dobermans and Shepherds actually have more bite force than a pittbull. Get to know some. That being said.... All owners no matter the breed need to be responsible. Not sure about you, but I've had chihuahuas run from a garage of a neighbor and attack my feet. Thats not news worthy. Pittbulls who have a strong pack leader, make wonderful companions and pets. Lets take a tour through history. Petey from the Little Rascals(PITTBULL) We all had Buster Brown shoes as kids, right? (PITTBULL) And lets look at all the old war posters with pittbulls in uncle sams hat portraying loyalty, tenacity, and strength. In the 70's it was the german shepherd who were evil doers. The 80's was the dobermans turn. Now we're onto pittbulls? An irresponsible person should own NO ANIMAL.

  • I own a pit bull

    My pit bull is not harmful to anyone. He is the most loving protective dog ever. He doesn't bark or anything. When he goes outside he literally rubs his noise on the flowers . He is a hippy dog; he wouldn't hurt a fly. Its all in the way that they are raised. And its not just pit bulls that are harming people it could be a number of breeds that could harm people.

  • Anyone who has said yes is a MORON!!

    Pitbulls a.K.A. Nanny-Dogs are the kindest animals when raise CORRECTLY, by RESPONSIBLE dog owners. I own a pitbull myself and he has been my best friend for years, and will be for the rest of his life. In the years I have owned him he has only bitten one person, a man who tried to break into my house via the back door. My pitbull has also alerted my family, many times of when my grandfather was passed out or disoriented due to his diabetes. Also there is a 11 month old child in my house and he absolutely adores my pitbull and my pitbull loves him too. I also have 3 other dogs all being female and one being 13 years old, dogs have a pack mentality and will listen to the alpha, my 13 year old, my pitbull is at the bottom of the pack. If any of the others tell him to back down, he does. I would die for my pitbull and I know that he would do the same for me, and the other members of OUR family. That dog is like a brother to me, and always will be.

  • The will always be viscous attacks

    Regardless if we ban the pit bull another animal will be bread to do what it is the pit bulls are doing now. Pit bulls are being bread to be gard dogs and to be used for protection and if we ban the pit bull then another dog will take its place, are we then going to ban that breed too? What we need to do is have consequences for the owners who are irresponsibly rasing and breeding pit bulls.

  • It's the fault of humanity.

    Pit Bulls were bred to kill, but whose fault is that? The fault of humanity. People say that because Pit Bulls were bred to kill that they should be illegal. But if they have no place in society, then why did we breed them in the first place? If they're so bad, then what made us begin a vicious breed? I don't believe that all Pit Bulls are vicious by the way. Some of the sweetest dogs I know are Pit Bulls. The vicious Pit Bull stereotype has gone to far, and newsflash: not all stereotypes are true.

  • I hate everyone who hates pit bulls get off

    Pit bulls will be aggressive if brought up by bad owners so shut up u p heads u lot r annoying why dont u by a pitbull andbsee foirr yiursef sorrry i cant typ e ive gotlong nails on and its effecting how i rtpe goodbye u p heads .

  • Pitbulls are amazing family members.

    I own 1 rednose pitbull, 1 brindle/blue pitbull and 1 rednose/brindle pitbull and they are the sweetest things ever. Out of 35 common breeds pitbulls ranked 1 of the least aggressive breeds, lower than even then a miniature schnauzer. In a 2013 analyzed study with 10 yrs off dog bites concluded facts of irresponsible owners were primary cause and over 40% of media reports on bite related incidents are significant with breed misidentification. In a 2017 study of 140 bite incidents showed no difference between dangerous and non- dangerous. In 2015 study assed breeds of 120 dogs and concluded that pitbulls were misidentified 60% of the time, and over 20 breeds showed common characteristic traits of pitbull types. Only 4 unique akc/ukc breeds are considered pitbull type, 20 other breeds characterize similar physical pitbull type, 18,000,000 est. Pitbull type population at 20% of dogs. So pitbulls are sweet loving n passionate for their family. That is exactly why they were named the "nanny dog" until people got bored with 1 breed of dog and had to finds a new breed to bash and lie on. And make people believe they are dangerous monsters. IT IS ALL A DAMN SHAME AND A LIE.

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