• Pitbulls should be legal everywhere any other dogs are allowed.

    I think pitbulls should be legal everywhere other dogs are allowed because any dog can be aggressive. Did you know dobermans, Huskies, German shepards, And great dane all have a higher bite force than an American Pitbull Terriers. In the 1900's Pitbull's were labeled as the "nanny dog" for being loyal, Gentle, Loving, And intelligent. The reason some pitbulls become aggressive is from bad ownership. Some are trained at a young age by using other peoples animal's as bait. When you beat and starve a pup then throw it a "snack" what do you think it's going to do? People turn these soft babies into these misunderstood abused now aggressive dog that the media takes over and makes the dog seem like this evil animal when all long it was the owner.

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