• I mean CANADA'S national food.....

    Do you think I am American? Do you like pizza, eh? Pizza is the BEST food EVER!! When I was 5, which was 70 years ago, I tried pizza for the first time. I was in heaven, now when my son and his family comes over every 3-4 weeks we have pizza. Its my national food, why not make it Canada's national food, eh?

  • Try something more American?

    Like maybe a combination of pizza, fried chicken, apple pie, and mac and cheese, all deep fried and dipped in chocolate. If not that, maybe something like mac and cheese pie, with pie crust and pizza cheese on the top? What ever it is, make it good and greasy, with lots of meat and cheese. If all that fails, I would just like apple pie to be the national food. For all you boring people. ):[

  • Pizza is not American enough.

    Picture this: A warm summer day in Virginia, the grass is blowing in the breeze, the birds chirping, everything in the world seems to be alright. It is a very particular day, the one and only 4th of July. You are preparing the fireworks for tonight, and your friends are on the way over. You think to yourself "Is everything ready? I have the firecrackers, lawn chairs, drinks... Oh, I almost forgot! I need to order a pizza!"

    I think not.

    Pizza, as we all know, did not start out in Italy, but was perfected there. It eventually made it's way to America, where, in areas such as Chicago and Philadelphia, many take pride in the quality of the dish. However, it has also made a claim to fame in the fast food market, making it more readily available, but of lesser quality. It is because of this fast food dominated market that pizza has developed a reputation for being a low quality, "don't serve at a nice dinner party" type item. Furthermore, the frequent connoisseurs of pizza, namely, intoxicated college students have furthered the stigma placed on the dish. In other words, pizza has a bad reputation.

    This still leaves the question, "What makes it un-American?". When you think of American pride, do you think of a majestic bald eagle gently sweeping over a crystal clear lake on a sunny day? Or do you think of a raccoon, picking through the rubbish of yesterday's garbage? Why then, would you have any other expectation toward the food of America? Pizza is un-American, not only because it is an Italian food, but also because it is a bad representative of what America truly values. America values excellence, determination, and a deeply rooted sense of patriotism that comes from no other place than a heart, deeply committed to building something new, something lovely, something: American!

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