Should Pizza Hut, the largest purchaser of kale in the United States, stop wasting so much of it?

  • Yes, Pizza Hut needs to purchase responsibly and ecologically

    The United States faces massive food waste every single day, while hundreds of thousands of people in our country face food insecurity. Pizza Hut, which largely relies on middle and lower class consumers to sustain its profits, should give back to the community by ensuring that healthy greens, like kale, go to people who could nutritionally benefit from it, rather than using kale (as it traditionally is used in pizzerias) as decoration or garnish. Get the greens where people need them!

  • I Don't Think Anything Should be Wasted

    If Pizza Hut is wasting Kale than why are they buying so much of it? To me this is a waste of money that the company can put elsewhere. So, if they are going to continue to purchase it than use it for whatever purpose. But this is just as a garnish than why bother just stop the garnish. Pizza Hut is known for their pizza not their kale. I highly doubt anyone will miss it if Pizza Hut choose to stop using it.

  • Pizza Hut should conserve kale

    Pizza Hut should make a better effort to conserve kale. The company is the largest purchaser in the United States. However, much of it goes to waste. Pizza Hut uses a lot of it merely for decoration at their salad bars, which is wasteful. All companies and individuals should be mindful of wasting resources, including food.

  • Wasting Food is Always Bad

    I think Pizza Hut, and any company, should cut back on wasted food, especially considering the poverty and hunger around the world. I think they should make efforts to donate it instead, so that they can help those who are starving. However, I don't feel Pizza Hut is the only company that needs to stop wasting food.

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