• Sometimes It's Not the Girls Fault.

    If you are a woman and have ever been a victim of rape (like I was) then you know the terrifying realization that you could be pregnant. I was 14 when I was raped and I had no idea how to prevent myself from getting pregnant after the deed was done. For people with a vagina Plan B can be a literal lifesaver. Now I was fortunate enough to have not gotten pregnant, but not everybody is as fortunate as me.

  • Accidents (like me) do happen

    Considering that experimentation is a natural thing. There will be a chance someone will dink up and instead of having to deal with a god damned child. Make it so anyone can buy plan b to have that chance to live their life and not have it ruined by a mistake.

  • Not at all

    The people should not be having sexual intercourse if they are not prepared to do it safe. They should be more carefull and not be doing it at their age (seeing they cant buy the medication themselves). If they are brave enough to do it then they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions

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