• YES, planes should be kid free!

    Flight transportation businesses should not allow kids (i.E. Immature children) to be on planes because of their propensity to disturb others. Some parents or guardians may retort that the costs of their children are outweighed by the reasons why their children are going with their parents, but I don't see any of those alleged defenses standing to reason. For example, if you think a kid should be on a plane because they should get to enjoy a family vacation, then consider that at that age, they probably won't remember any of it in 10 years (which then reveals the parent's/guardian's self-interest in having their children go) and that if they are going to be immature around strangers in a small space, imagine what they would do during that vacation as they drag their parents/guardians around to do what they want. Thus, kids shouldn't be allowed on planes because they aren't old enough to appreciate their adventure or behave among strangers.

  • Yes, ban them.

    Kids are a pain in your ass, and everyone knows. IMO i would say to ban children from planes until they have learned how to be respectful, and novk kick the bac of seats. When i was young, i would never do that, but kids these days are just way too dumb to understand the fact that people in front of you might be annoying. Parents should learn to control their children.

  • Dear God yes!!!

    I just flew 11.5 hrs fr china to canada. Across the aisle was a grandmother dealing with a kid maybe 18 mos old or so. The grandmother did not stop touching or talking to the kid THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. As a psychologist I thought how in the f would this child ever learn to self-soothe or self- settle with the adult constantly stimulating him?? Like jeezus buckle the kid in, give him a juice box, and ignore him at least for awhile.

    I hate kids on a plane precisely for the above reason. Parents have little conception of discipline or appropriate behavior. And that goes also for the dad who ignored his kid in the airport hotel this morning as he threw himself on the floor in the resto.

  • If you want your child to fly he should be able to behave

    Parents today are rude. They think having kids entitles them to preferential treatment. I have often had a small child kick my seat non-stop and the parent does not even do so much as tell the child to stop. Kids need to be punished for being bad. I was expected to behave in public as a child and as an adult I expect children in public to behave.

  • Yes, I think that some, but not all, planes should be kid-free.

    It would be ridiculous to say that all planes should be kid-free; after all, how wise would it be to alienate the billions of people worldwide who have children and need to travel with them at some point in their lives? That would be suicide for any airline. However, I do think it would be a fabulous idea for airlines to offer some kid-free flights. It really isn't fair that an entire plane full of people have to suffer from the loud and extremely irritating noise of a cranky, crying (or screaming) child, all while cooped up in a tiny, uncomfortable seat in an enclosed space from which there is no escape. Talk about a recipe for major stress! I, for one, would eagerly sign up for a special flight designated as "adult only" (or whatever politically-correct term they want to use). I would even pay a good bit extra for such a flight.

  • No, they need to travel also.

    Making planes kid free would not make any sense. When parents go places they usually take their kids along with them. Also, if a family is moving across the country or something, they need to take their kids with them when they move obviously. There are many reasons kids need to be able to fly.

  • No of course not!

    No, planes should not be kid-free. Sometimes kids need to get places that are far away from where they are. I think that not allowing kids on planes would be discrimination, plain and simple. However, I think that parents should try their best to control their kids on planes if they are being noisy.

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