• Yes people will get more knowledge about it.

    Yes, Planned Parenthood Videos be Released to the Public.Beacuse it hepls people and other unknown public to know more about it.Public can gain knowledge and provides reproductive health services in the United States and internationally.Planned Parenthood directly provides a variety of reproductive health services, is involved in sexual education efforts, contributes to research in reproductive technology, and engages in legal and political efforts aimed at protecting and expanding reproductive rights.

  • I don't see why not. They should be provided along with proper context, though.

    I am all for freedom of information and transparency, so I have no problem with these videos being released to the public. My only issue is that these videos are misleading. Out of context, someone could easily watch these videos and assume something that is incorrect, or at least not 100 percent accurate. This has happened on a fairly large scale already. However, I see no way to combat this, and there is also no legitimate reason to hide them from the public, as far as I know.

  • A Fine line

    Whether or not Planned Parenthood videos should be made public is a difficult question to answer. From a the standpoint that Planned Parenthood is not a government entity it's not an inherent quality to have the oversight of it's constituents. However the majority of videos that have come to light have shown shady dealings and practices. So with regard to the ability of being accountable legally, Planned Parenthood videos shouldn't be released to the public.

  • Videos can be distorted.

    It is apparent with the controversial Planned Parenthood videos that editing was used to take information out of context. It is important to remember that editing and manipulation of video feed can change a presentation to a way that benefits the author of the video. As a result, it is difficult to trust that these videos would be worthwhile for anything except peddling propoganda.

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