• Yes they should. Stop being lazy.

    The damage that plastic bags consistently cause to our environment, particularly marine biology, justifies the banning of plastic bags. People don't recycle even when they have every opportunity to do so, simply because they don't care/are too lazy. It is irresponsible to rely on people to dispose of plastic bags properly, especially considering they are far more difficult to recycle than your common recyclables. Allowing plastic bags to remain an option when they are generally only used once before being trashed, leave indelible marks on our environment, and consist of highly toxic chemicals that danger our water supplies and our atmosphere when there are endless alternatives that don't do any of these things, is unsustainable and imprudent. These bags need to go.

  • Yes they should. Stop being Lazy.

    Once introduced to the environment, plastic bags become a permanent detriment to our planet. They can't be burned, as they release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. They can't be put into landfills, as landfills often leak into bodies of water where their remnants saturate ocean waters killing organisms vital to sustaining human life. Their chemicals contaminate the soil surrounding landfills, as well as the runoff water that passes through landfills. Also, most people don't go out of there way to recycle, even when they are provided with every opportunity to do so (gov't recycling pick up, ubiquitous recycling bins, etc.). Therefore, it is irresponsible to rely on people to dispose of plastic bags responsibly when plastic bags are among the most difficult materials to recycle (along with cell phones, batteries, etc.). The only solution is to ban them entirely.

  • Yes they should

    Banning plastic bags would be extremely beneficial to the environment. Not only do plastic bags kill innocent sea creatures every year they take years to decompose. Even though plastic bags are extremely helpful to carry shopping there are many alternates. One of the main alternatives that are now offered are material bags. Not only are material bags better for the environment they are reusable and no get easy holes in them like the plastic bags do.

  • Plastic bags are very bad

    Plastic bags pollute the ocean and hurt the earth the more pollution the more will die and when the earth dies, we all die so do not litter it is bad, i heard someone say the don't care and that they say litter all you want and that made me angry

  • Plastic bags, criminal.

    Plastic bags may be quite convenient, there are multiple pros, but the cons are overwhelming, imagine, plastic grocery bags in the water look like floating jellyfish, turtles will eat them, then the bag will block their digestive system, poison then, and eventually kill them, this sad fate is similar to most sea animals nowadays.

  • They should be banned

    Plastic bags are very harmful to people. 5 Year old kids can choke on them and they're very bad for animals they wrap around birds and can kill them also more than a million marine animals die from them every year and almost a dozen people die every year from plastic bags

  • That would suck

    It would be so inconvenient, like you have all your groceries, right but you have to put them in a paper bag, and it breaks. Or you have to bring some stuff somewhere, and you have a surplus of plastic bags but they are banned, so you have to carry everything in you hands.

  • Sometimes they're necessary.

    For take-away lunches, for example, you don't want the juice oozing out and spilling everywhere, plus it's unfeasible to use other types of bags for rubbish. I support a hefty tax on plastic bag (provided the funds will be used for environmental protection to achieve fiscal neutrality) as well as requiring citizens to recycle it, but I wouldn't support banning it altogether.

  • The problem is not the plastic bag itself.

    Plastic bags are very convenient and that's a fact. The issue is another one, and that's asking why the hell your plastic bag is the mouth of a turtle and how did it end up there?

    Littering of plastic bags (or plastic materials in general) by individuals and corporations is what should be banned and severely sanctioned, not the bag itself.

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