Should plastic bags be banned in California?

Asked by: mzaucha
  • Certainly, they should.

    California should ban plastic bags because of the harmful effects they have on the environment, such as adding to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and causing detriment to the lives of marine organisms.

    Animals such as sea turtles might mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish. It would try to eat it, get the bag over its head and suffocate.

    For these two reasons, I believe that California should ban plastic bags.

  • California should ban bags.

    I believe that California should ban plastic bags for many different reasons. The most important is the negative effect it is having on the ocean and marine life. Although we are so far away from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in the long run we will feel the effects of all the plastic.

  • Do we have the necessary replacements?

    I realize that California faces a large problem with plastics, especially when concerning marine wildlife, but they do not have a proper replacement yet. Premature banning of plastics will only lead to chaos and confusion. With a population of 38 million, California will first need a suitable replacement before enforcing or enacting plastic bans.

  • Do we have the necessary technology?

    I realize that the plastic situation in California is a big problem, especially as it is a threat to marine life. But we do not yet have the necessary large-scale means of replacing plastics. To be honest, we only have very meager means of "going green". California should hang on to plastics until it can find a realistic solution.

  • I'm sick and tired of your BS

    I live in California. It's a constant affront to me that I have to pay 10c per bag, and they still will give you paper unless you ask for plastic specifically. I realize "the great pacific garbage patch" is a concern, but instead of legislating this thing away, how about you apply some intelligence to the issue??

    Plastic is useful, and the chemistry of polymers is such a complex field that I'm sure with a million bucks and 2 years we could make a plastic bag that biodegrades within specific guidelines. And the fact that the stores are keeping that 10c per bag fee...I...I just can't...I think I'm having a rage stroke right knlkfnlsafasf..Asdfn;asdf

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