• Ocean polution has reached a critical point

    Plastic bags are one of the major contaminants found in the oceans. There are radically better alternatives that can be used for shopping that are not difficult to implement. Plastic bags in general have become way to accessible that people have just gotten used to them. If human awareness rises we can do better for the ecology of this planet.

  • Too Many Hazards

    Plastic bags destroy the environment. Reusable cloth bags are much more efficient and often just cost $1 at many stores. Big shopping trips can be done with 20-30 bags, so the investment lasts for years and hundreds of trips to big box retail stores. Plastic bags are a nuisance to the environment as they suffocate wildlife and muck up the oceans.

  • One more government regulation.

    No plastic bags should not be banned. I do not need the government deciding how environmentally aware I should be. If the individual wishes to do so than that is fantastic. Go for it. But it is a waste of time for the government to focus on this. Oh thank you supreme government for making my life better.

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