• Yessssssssssssss they should be

    Plastic is nasty dirty foul smelly rotten filthy rubbish. I care about the animals, they deserve to live on a planet that is free of all plastic. Just think of the majestic pines that once soared hundreds of feet in the air! Where are they now? Chopped down to make plastic in all likelihood.

  • It Would Protect the Planet

    Whether the big oil companies care to admit it or not, our planet is in danger thanks to our actions. And guess what, if people don't start taking action to help heal our broken planet, then generations of our descendants will pay the price. Outlawing plastic containers may not do a lot, but every piece of trash matters.

  • No, freedom is better than tyranny.

    It is not the role of the government t "protect the environment". People should be free to use their property as they see fit, including plastic products and and other product that they think will make their life better. Busybodies/tyrant wanna-bes should be executed. And that is all I have to say on that.

  • Just better recycling.

    When it come to flexible moisture resistance, nothing that I know of words better than petroleum products like rubber or plastic. Look at the liquid products we store in plastic. They are made to not only keep moisture in but also out.
    Plastic for containing liquids has some big advantages. It is lighter and more durable than glass. This not only helps shipping costs but reduces breakage. Sure we could use aluminum but you can't see through it and it may not be as cost effective, especially with the demand rise with the increased use would cause.
    Plastic bags also help in keeping moisture out. Sure, you could place chips and such in paper bags but if they get damp, they are useless and destroy the product within, that is unless you make them thicker like Pringles but that just adds to product weight so makes them more costly per oz.
    If we introduce better recycling programs in both the consumer and trash disposal, we could greatly reduce the amount of plastic that gets into our environment. Many communities already have recycling for the consumers with the trash bins but there are also way to get it removed from the mixed trash. If we just increase our efforts there, we could continue to use plastics till a more suitable and cost effective replacement is found.

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