• If They're Lethal

    If you're asking about plastic firearms, as in actual weapons they are banned.

    The United States Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 makes it illegal to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm that is not as detectable by walk-through metal detection as a security exemplar containing 3.7 oz of steel, or any firearm with major components that do not generate an accurate image before standard airport imaging technology.


    The Undetectable Firearms Act has been renewed every single time the vote has come up since it's inception and is expiring this month, and will undoubtably be renewed again for obvious** reasons.

    If you're talking about toys, absolutely not. Toy guys are about as American as it gets.

  • This is not a big deal.

    Plastic guns are not undetectable. More importantly, ammunition is still made of metal. So the undetectable "ghost gun" is a myth.

    Conventional metal guns are not hard to make. A simple home machine shop can make them. While many people may not know how, and are more at home on a computer than a mill or lathe, it's really not hard.

    It would be very difficult to stop people from making guns, whether plastic or otherwise. It is not enforceable. Once a piece of information is out, or technology is developed, you can't stop people from using it.

    Posted by: Hats
  • Constitutionally they are legal.

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. What it doesn't say is "except for those which cannot be detected." The only reason the government is concerned about plastic guns is due the inability of policing authorities to detect them through normal means like metal detectors and such. However, this can be overcome quite easily by simply placing a metal strip in one or more of the plastic pieces.

    It should be noted: plastic guns are dangerous to use. They are prone to causing damage to the shooter due to stresses caused from the violent reaction of firing a bullet. They do not appear to be useful for more than one or two shots. However, this should, in no way, be used as an argument by the government against their manufacture. This is a marketplace issue. If people want to manufacture or possess such dangerous weapons, they have the Constitutional Right to do so. I believe, though, the people won't be willing to purchase such weapons due to the danger they represent to the shooter.

  • Yes, plastic guns should be legal.

    Plastic guns, such as dart guns, pop guns, squirt guns, and the like should be legal, but they need to be very clearly marked as being toys. In the United States, they have to be brightly colored, or at least have orange, helping to indicate that they're toys. For parents who are wary of letting their children play with guns, there are things like squirt gun animals now, that are designed not to look like weapons.

  • Why wouldn't it?

    It can't kill anyone...I don't see any way it would hurt any one really it's just a toy. Little kids aren't terrorist for having toys.
    I'm required to post 50 words or more but that should be enough and I have nothing more to say on the matter but it is true.

  • Most certainly not.

    Plastic guns may be fun to play around with for children. But, guns represent violence and death. They represent war and drugs. A child's interest in plastic guns may translate to an interest in REAL guns, which I absolutely am disgusted by. Children can play with their other toys, but plastic guns and fake weaponry should not be provided due to its possible causes. Now, there is no solid evidence that plastic guns actually lead to violence, but I am not going to try and find out when I have children.

  • It's a difficult decision

    You can't expel the possibility that with conditioning and playing with guns as a kid will have that child most likely grow to be fascinated as an adult as well. Nothing too wrong with that except they don't know the importance and dangers of guns. You can't be too sure that these wont influence the wrong idea since guns are serious and kids use them as toys to play with makes the concept silly. Guns aren't silly. They are not toys. They are for serious self defense. Toy guns shouldn't even make sense I mean to an extent it is fine. Yet all the kids who wanna be cowboys and want to have guns usually want to kill unless they know better growing up. Plastic toy guns seem unnecessary when they could learn to play other games that benefit them for the better. So truth is, if your kid is mature enough to know the difference between a toy and a real gun then there shouldn't be too much trouble, however most do not so its always better to be safe than sorry.

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Reid_Decker says2013-12-20T23:44:51.373
I am still confused whether or not this debate is about actual plastic firearms or toys. Everyone here is arguing points based on different things entirely.
Reid_Decker says2013-12-20T23:46:00.577
Whether this debate is about* No "or not" whoops
Jackninja5 says2014-12-09T04:05:55.300
I am neutral on this. I mean they thinking of banning toy guns in the US...And THEY'RE KEEPING THE REAL ONES!