Should plastic shopping bags be banned: Should we, instead of banning plastic bags, charge customers money for them?

  • YESSSSS they should

    Yes because if they aren't they could kill our population of mammals and other animals. And nobody would want to live a life without animals now would they. If people lived without plants and animals nobody could survive or live a life so that is why I say yes they should bane plastic bags

  • No I do not believe plastic shopping bags should be banned

    I am opposed to banning plastic shopping bags. I know of no overwhelming evidence that they are any more or less dangerous to the environment than, say, paper bags which are made from trees, a natural resource that is difficult to replenish. I also believe in the free will of individuals to make these types of choices regarding something as innocuous as shopping bags on their own without the interference of our government. It is also for these same reasons that I am opposed to charging customers money for them as well.

  • Love plastic shopping bags!

    Plastic shopping bags should not be banned. If you want to recycle that is great but don't push your agenda onto everyone else. Besides, using plastic bags does not mean that someone is harming the environment. We use our plastic bags in our trash cans at home. We also like to hold onto them for sending dirty clothes back and forth from the school. Plastic bags have a lot of good uses.

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