• Of course it should be legal

    Of course it should be legal. It is legal and it should remain legal. We live in 21st century for Christ's sake! If I want new boobs I'll get them and it's nobody else's business but mine. Honestly…this is just stupid question and it makes me mad almost as much as some people did when they started criticizing me for getting my surgery abroad. I had to explain multiple times to multiple people that my surgeon from Forme clinic was qualified professional and that I wasn't going there just to save money. Ugh…this topic just makes me angry honestly. Some things are personal and you just shouldn't comment on them. Period.

  • Yes Plastic Surgery Should Be Legal

    Plastic surgery should be legal even if it sometimes has negative consequences because in a free society citizens have the right to modify their bodies as they see fit. If a person chooses to get liposuction or a nose job, it is their right, as it would be to get a tattoo or a piercing.

  • plastic surgery should be legal

    Plastic surgery should be legal. Today people in this country are free and being free means we should have the right to do whatever we want to right or wrong with our own bodies. No one should be able to say that you can or cannot have a surgery done.

  • Some people have need.

    Yes, plastic surgery should be legal, because there are a lot of people who are really helped by it. People who have burns, or who have suffered from deforming accidents, are helped a great deal when they can make themselves look a little bit normal again. Someone who has lost a lot of weight needs surgery to deal with excess skin.

  • Can Be Helpful

    People who experience disfigurement can be helped via plastic surgery and for that reason I believe it should be legal. I think the prices for cosmetic surgery should be extremely high otherwise to discourage people from using it. When there is no need then the procedures shouldn't trump services needed in others health treatments.

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