• I believe the plastic surgery should be outlawed.

    I believe that plastic surgery should be outlawed. People need to learn to just be happy with the bodies that God gave them. Look at the unfortunate accident that happened to Kanye West's mother. Also look at celebrities like Michael Jackson and Lil Kim who have destroyed their faces completely with plastic surgery.

  • Plastic Surgery Should Remain

    When considering the many reasons for plastic surgery my feelings are that plastic surgery should not be outlawed. I realize that this type of surgery is sometimes abused but this should not be a reason to outlaw this type of surgery. If anything, stronger guidelines for this procedure could be put into place.

  • No, it should continue to be available.

    If people are willing to pay the money and suffer through the pain of recovery, they should be permitted to have any sort of surgery they want. Exceptions would be those who are not over 18, or are not mentally competent to make such a decision for themselves. It should not be covered by insurance though, unless it is needed as the result of an accident or illness.

  • It only hurts whoever gets it.

    I totally think plastic surgery is stupid unless it's a reconstructive surgery because of some kind of accident. But I think it's totally vain and the results usually turn out badly anyway. But I don't think it should be outlawed because it's just one person's choice and it only affects one person. Plus, it provides jobs.

  • No

    No I do not think plastic surgery should be outlawed and I think it is ridiculous to suggest such a thing. People have plastic surgery on their own choosing and almost always pay with their own money. There's really no reason to outlaw it since no one is being unnecessarily forced into it.

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