• Plastics are good for us.

    Susan Freinkel says that Plastics aren’t the problem, you are. Susan argues that plastic could actually help save the environment. It takes less energy to produce plastics than many other materials and while producing plastics we are creating more jobs for Utahans and it replaces materials that are “sustainable” only because they come from destroying animals or trees giving Utah more nature to produce oxygen. It’s not plastic’s fault that we compulsively toss out bags and bottles after a single use. That’s dumb, wasteful behavior no matter the material. All we have to do is start appreciating it and stop throwing it away. Maeve Rich said that “People throughout the world have been recycling for thousands of years. It hasn't always looked the same as it does now, with curbside pick-ups and drop off stations, but it has been done longer than many people realize.” Utahans just need to make it a habit and learn the difference between Green and Blue. He also said “Recycling seems to be everywhere these days. Supermarkets offer reusable bags and recycling bins in their doorways. "Made from recyclable materials" is on many products. Still, goods that could be reused or recycled are tossed in the trash.” Although it is impossible to get an exact figure, it's estimated that the US recycles at a rate of 77%. That's not bad, especially when compared with just 7% in Australia. It could be better though, like Ireland, which recycles at a rate of 90%.” That 77% recycling rate in the US can be further broken down by region. The eastern part of the US leads the country at 88% with the western part coming in just behind at 86%. The Midwest recycles at a rate of 70%, while 68% of the south recycles.”

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