• Yes man it should

    Its fun no wait its really fun. I like hitting because i like hittig simple as that if u do like hitting that just means your a little baby that cant take a hit. Here is a poem i made: hitting is good
    hitting is great
    hitting is wonderful
    it gives me faith

    so thats why i want hitting in peewee hockey to stay like it is.

  • Yes it should

    There should be hitting in hockey because it gets you in position of the puck and its a good and an agressive way to get the puck away from the other player. It also teaches you how to act like a man and to get hit like a man. Thats why there should be hitting in hockey

  • Kids should hit.

    It is a part of the game and it should always stay like that no matter what hockey asotations say. Also it will help kids get ready to hit when they get into bantams and also more importantly be able to take a hit so pee wees should hit .

  • Its been a part of the game

    It has been in the sport for decades why take it out now and ruin it for kid that just started got it taken away and now getting it put back in. It ruins developement skills and their thought proccess in the game this website for proof on my side

  • No, that is cruel.

    No, players should not be able to hit in pee wee hockey, because hitting is not necessary at that level. In pee wee hockey, children should learn skating, puck-handling techniques, and other fundamentals of the game. At that level, teaching to hit is not needed. Some children will not want to play if hitting is allowed.

  • Pee Wee Hockey Is For Learning

    I do not believe players should be allowed to hit in Pee Wee Hockey. Pee Wee Hockey is intended for children to learn the rules and regulations of hockey, therefore the teams should focus on how to play the game. Children will learn about advanced hockey defense in later leagues.

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