Should players be elected into the hall of fame if they took performance-enhancing drugs?

  • It doesn't matter who took them they are still badasses

    If Zachary Peters took PED's he would be in the hall of fame also so if they are good enough then he earned the right to be in the shit. The kid is an absolute animal one time he hit 3 hard ground balls in one game and then kisses a girl

  • Players should be elected into the hall of fame if they took performance-enhancing drugs.

    Players should be elected into the hall of fame if they took performance-enhancing drugs. If they did not want to award them then they should have removed them from the playing field for good when they found out that they were using the drugs. I think since they got to play then they should be up for the award just like anyone else.

  • Drug and Steroid users should be left out

    Using Drugs and Steroids to enhance your performance is illegal and cheating. This should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame. If athletes that do this are let into the Hall of Fame, this pushed other players who used their natural bodies out. These people didn't cheat to win. They should be put in the Hall of Fame, not drug users

  • PED usage should keep players out of the hall of fame

    If a player deliberately used PED's, and it's not a situation where someone took an adulterated supplement, that player should be banned from the hall of fame. If there is a clear history of PED use despite setting records and despite championship results, a player doesn't deserve to be in the hall of fame. PED use is cheating.

  • Druggies don't need to be celebrated

    There should be no place in a hall of fame of any sport for jocks who used performance enhancing drugs during their run. There's nothing to be celebrated when you had to cheat with the help of a needle in order to become "the best" -- and you're anything but that if you do.

  • No, that shows they are not role models.

    If an athlete took performance enhancing drugs then it says that he or she is not into fair competition but will do anything to win. When that is so, the person does not serve as a good role model and should not be honored in the hall of fame which is reserved for true competitors.

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs and The Hall of Fame

    I believe when an athlete takes performance enhancing drugs they are undermining the point of the sport. I believe they feel as though they shouldn't have to play on a level playing field. Furthermore, I think it is no different than cheating. Therefore, I do not believe players who have used performance enhancing drugs should be elected into any Hall of Fame.

  • Players should not be elected in if they took performance-enhancing drugs

    Players should absolutely not be elected into the hall of fame if they took performance-enhancing drugs. They had to cheat in order to gain the achievements that they did and those spots in the hall of fame need to be reserved for people with actual talent, not drug enhanced "talent".

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs is Cheating

    If the player played when either the drug was banned in baseball or illegal in the US the player does not deserve to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. To send the message that cheaters in a sport should be honored for their accomplishments is sending the wrong message to the youth of America.

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