Should players get penalized for disobeying International Military Laws on military-style shooting games?

Asked by: Mr.Moves3
  • Players should also obey the rules of International Military

    By obeying the laws and rules of the International Military, gamers will improve their morale values and character. If gamers obeyed not to shoot civilians, torture prisoners and sending random open fires/airstrikes on buildings with civilians, then gamers will build a very disciplinary character and moral values. It's just logical for gamers- especially young gamers to learn these type of laws and rules. It's just reasonable for gamers to play the game properly without just completely going insane and killing everyone at sight. And what I meant by "penalizing" is that maybe game developers could add a feature that would decrease gamers potential attributes or reclaim badges every time they disobey a law on games. Maybe if they're playing on Xbox 360, and if a gamer killed 10 civilians on the game, then that gamer should have 1-3 warnings, then get suspended for a certain time. People should really develop strong discipline, moral values, character and mental judging skills of what is right and what is wrong. Peace Everyone.

  • Violence will increase!

    Such violent games encourage violent behaviour, games these days are very realistic looking and could cause children at such a young impressionable age to be pulled into violence increasing crime rates in society! I first of all do NOT recommend even playing but if you do make sure you do it the right way and not find killing and guns too natural.

  • Games are Practice

    These games are supposed to be a simulation of how soldiers act in combat. That's the fun. That's their usefulness. Practice shapes behavior. Trends in behavior shape personality. If a person practices good character, even in simulations, that will flow over into real life. In the most extreme circumstances, that real life might include combat, but it doesn't have to.

    Now, soldiers in combat don't always obey International Military Law but they should. In real life, they're penalized for disobedience either by the laws of their country but most often through their own guilt. It's hard to dock points for PTSD but that destroys many men.

    I don't see what the big deal is. Kill a civilian (-1pt). It makes the game more fun because it adds to the challenge too.

  • In a Perfect World

    Yes, they should. If everything were perfect. But, take a look at actual news. Gun down dozens of Afghan civilians? No death penalty for you. Rape an Iraqi girl and murder her? Shoot her whole family?Slap on the wrist, two years in prison. Cover it up? No pay for a year.

    The Army whitewashes everything. Let's not pretend otherwise.

  • If the game is designed around the concept rather than it being shoehorned in, why not?

    Keep in mind, I am not stating that all military games should be enforced with these rules; however, if a game developer is willing to design a game around International Military Law, more power to them. It would certainly be a breath of fresh air in a sea of pseudo-realistic, Hollywood-wannabee games.

  • Yes and No

    Yes games are not reality, however, if it is a military-game, and its purpose is to mimic real life military action. Then it would make since to include RoE's and other international laws. I would be fine with things like, you cannot shoot innocent, this isn't GTA.. . . . .

  • Well it depends what kind of game but if its RP

    They should because certain games types like RP servers online that's what you do follow real rules setup shops live by the person who leads the RP makes the server so this means the person who makes servers on this game type really decides what laws they do and don't have

  • It's only a game!

    Why would you want to penalize a player for playing a game wrong? A video game is nothing but fiction and imagination. It would be stupid to penalize them for that. Video games should be primarily for entertainment purposes, and anything that involves hardcore discipline or punishment should be kept out for profitable reasons.

  • It's a flipping game!

    Games were made to have fun and get away from real life for a little bit. Why the hell should anyone have to follow real-life rules in a damn game for fear of being punished for not following? What about people who don't even know very rule? It doesn't make a game fun, it's just a fast way to repel people from buying a game like that.

    Save the rules for real life, where they actually matter?

  • No, they shouldn't.

    It are just games, they're meant to be fun, so if you have fun shooting some digital innocent citizens, do it. Games aren't meant to reflect reality in every sense, even if they are based on it. Each game is set in it's own universe, with it's own rules. You play because you can do something in them, you could not, or are not allowed to do in real life.
    Also I don't really see the point of penalized violations of military law, I mean look at games like "GTA", where you can jut run over hundreds of citizens and nobody cares, or games where you play an assassin (e.G. "assassin's creed", "hitman"). Where do you draw the line?
    Of course the developers can put in some kind of penalty if they want to and think it's fit to the game. But you shouldn't force them to. Games are a form of entertainment and art, saying they have to put in penalties for specific actions is like censoring them.
    Also those kind of games are usually rated 18+ so don't tell me people would develop better morals. If you haven't developed a good moral sense with 18, some video games will certainly not change that.

  • Games are games

    Games are not meant to be used as tools for teaching morals and character to children. They are games; you play them for fun and to experience a story. A story that might change drastically depending upon how you play. In many cases that means that doing things regarded as immoral may have a negative impact on the storyline.

    But arguing that games should/must punish behavior that runs contrary to international lay is overreaching and pointless. Games are not real, and what you do inside of a game is not (and should not be) bound by any international law. That's kind of the point. They're entertainment, fantasy, escape, and storytelling.

    Of course, if a game developer wants to build-in penalties for doing things that would be illegal in real-life in order to give their game a heightened sense of realism, they are certainly free to do so. But they also must be free to not do so, and to do the exact opposite if they prefer. Games are a form of art, and you can't censor art just because you happen to object to some of its content.

    And put bluntly, if you give your child a military-style shooter in order to teach them values and ethics, you are not a very good parent. It's not the role of game developers to do your job for you.

  • This is not real life

    I don't think that players should be penalized for disobeying international military laws on shooting games. Remember, the player bought a game, they didn't sign up for the military. The player bought a shooting game, if they wanted to follow rules and have morale they would have bought Mario bros.

  • It won't do anything

    Why should we force players to abide by the International Military Laws when our own presidents and soldiers don't even follow them. Then, by some chance we do catch them breaking the laws, our corrupt system never punishes any of them anyway. This is just a scapegoat used by the media to blame all recent tragedies on video games.

  • It's a game!

    Most games allow and sometimes even require players to commit acts that are not necessarily socially accepted in reality, military style or otherwise. Video games are still games, no matter how much they aim to mimic parts of real life. By trying to impose real life laws on video games you feed the idea that what kids play is how life really is. Let a game be a game and nothing more.

  • Of course not

    I think it would be quite silly to punish a law abiding citizen for breaking International Military Law in something as simple as a video game. Quite frankly, I would rather them do this in a video game, rather than in real life. Video games have been described as a stress reliever for many that play, and if they where to punish someone for relieving the stress and anxiety for something as little as playing a video game that just may cause some real life trouble.

  • Are you dumb?

    Who cares if you violate international law in shooting games? The United States does it in real life all the time. And, seeing as the United States is THE nation under God, they are obviously always correct about everything. As it has been said, enemy combatants are not deserving of our compassion. God Bless America.

  • They should not be penalized

    To punish someone for doing something in a game is a waste of time. It serves no purpose! When I sit down to play a game i play it for fun, not to worry about how politically correct my actions are. In the end it all boils down to what type of person you are and how you like to play your game.

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GWL-CPA says2013-10-04T23:05:06.747
Another nonsense question by a teenager!
Mr.Moves3 says2013-10-05T03:06:59.787
Uhmm I saw it on Yahoo -.-
GWL-CPA says2013-10-05T17:08:26.073
This post proves what is known by most adults. Video games are stupid and for immature punks, many of whom are immature adults that have no life.

All video freaks should start reading good books; then they might learn something useful.
Mr.Moves3 says2013-10-05T17:58:22.870
Enkkk. Wrong. Not all video games are stupid. There are tactical games that requires intense brain responses. Such as: League of Legends. No noobs allowed.
GWL-CPA says2013-10-05T18:26:35.580
Read a good book, including history books, you might learn something.

There is nothing of any real value you can gain by playing violent video games like League of Legends. It is another senseless game based on violence.

You punks need to grow up.
GWL-CPA says2013-10-05T18:29:03.773
Only an immature punk wold use the word "noob."
Mr.Moves3 says2013-10-05T18:55:42.523
Hahaha. You're seriously telling me to read a book? If only I have a library record of how many academic books I have read, but of course I don't have one. Calling me punk? Did you even at least google what that word really means? If only we could go on a TV Show and face against each other about history, science, and mathematics. Don't make me laugh. Acting like you're some smart kid. I would not say I'm smart but I would certainly say that I'm wise. If you really want to challenge me in a field of sciences, history, crime, mathematics and parables, I would be glad if you invite me a debate about which field you prefer. Good Luck.
GWL-CPA says2013-10-05T19:10:36.057
Do you play video games?

If you answer yes, you are obviously not wise.

You might be somewhat intelligent at 17, don't really know or care.

I don't debate at DDO becasue of confirmation and in-group bias. And, there are too few voters in all debates that also make them meaningless.

See my forum "Confirmation Bias Cannot Be Beaten!"
Link to my Confirmation bias forum


I selected 1,000 debates at random to determine how many people actually vote on debates.

I did this to prove how worthless debating is at this site; these debates prove nothing because too few vote and, confirmation bias and in-group bias are huge.

The average number of voters in these 1,000 debates was 2 voters

The Median or number in the middle of these 1,000 debates was 1 voter

The Mode or most frequent number of voters was zero or no voters.

Here is a breakdown by number of voters:

376 debates or 37.6% had 0 voters
214 debates or 21.4% had 1 voter
152 debates or 15.2% had 2 voters
95 debates or 9.5% had 3 voters
58 debates or 5.8% had 4 voters
40 debates or 4.0% had 5 voters
27 debates or 2.7% had 6 voters
16 debates or 1.6% had 7 voters
11 debates or 1.1% had 8 voters
4 debates or 0.40% had 9 voters
5 debates or 0.50% had 10 voters
1 debate or 0.10% had 12 voters
1 debate or 0.10% had 14 voters

The fact that members are ranked on the number of debates they win is a joke.

Winning debates at this site proves nothing. It does not prove you are a better debater. Most of the debates that are won are won because of confirmation bias and or in-group (i.E., friends voting for friends) bias.
Mr.Moves3 says2013-10-05T19:14:01.307
I'm aware of that. Let's play Chess then.
GWL-CPA says2013-10-05T19:33:32.057
I started playing chess when I was 11 years old. I love chess and used to play against a master who I worked with. I never beat him, but it was fun. That was in 1973, and there were at least 7 good players in our Internal Audit department. We all played chess at lunch and sometimes got together in the evenings to play. I never worked for another company were people actually played chess at lunch. Most of the players I have played against since then have not been very good; most have never studied the game.

The last chess book I read was "A TutotText Book - the game of Chess" by Edward Lasker. It helped my game, but, I still could not beat the Master at work.

What would our playing chess prove?

I haven't played anyone that was very good in the last 40 years. I play against my 17 year old stepson, but, the only way he can beat me is if I spot him my Queen and another major piece. He is getting better; but, he refuses to read the chess books I have given him. I keep trying to teach him to think at least 3 moves in advance and to study the board; he is getting better.

My game has going down hill because I have lost my patience and no longer plan about 3 or more moves in advance and don't bother studying the board enough. I am even having a hard time beating the Windows 8 game that came with my new Dell. And, if you play against people that are not very good, you get lazy and pick up bad habits.
Mr.Moves3 says2013-10-05T20:34:45.163
Are you serious? I havent found or met any good chess players since 2010. I would love to play against you. And you sound like my dad hahaha. Lets forget the argument tho. Im just glad that theres actually someone that stil plays chess and even taught their grandson the game. Thanks. Peace Mister.
GDawg says2013-10-08T06:41:38.643
Just because Call of Duty is popular doesn't mean all video games are like that. Video games can be very interesting, and can even be written better than a lot of movies, books. You would have known that if you have played any good video games. Close minded will be close minded.