Should players suspected of doping be allowed in the Hall of Fame?

  • Yes they should.

    Players who are suspected of doping should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. They are innocent until proven guilty, and since they are only suspected and have not been proved to be doping, they should be allowed. There are probably people in the Hall of Fame who doped but they were never suspected.

  • Keep the cheaters out.

    I think that any player that ever got caught cheating should be booted from the Hall of Fame. If they were only suspected, but never proven guilty, they should be allowed in. Keep the cheates out and let the Hall of Fame maintain at least a surface of integrity and honor.

  • Yes, they should be allowed.

    I don't mind if they legalized steroids and other methods of performance enhancement. It is just like marijuana in that it will be abused even though it is illegal. There may people who are not caught that make it to the Hall of Fame, and people who were caught that do not. Make it legal for everyone.

  • Yes, they should.

    No player should be doing drugs while playing sports - or in general. However, these athletes work very hard through out their life and career to play at the top performance. It would be unfair to take away all that hard work just because we suspect they may have been using, without evidence it wouldn't be right.

  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that players suspected of doping should be allowed to be in the hall of fame. I think that they should have a trial to find out once and for all who was using performance enhancing drugs. If they do not find any evidence of that person using, then I think that they should be allowed to be in the hall of fame and left alone.

  • No, sports players should be honored only for their own merits.

    If anyone who is in sports cheats by taking enhancement drugs, s/he should be excluded from receiving any honors. What type of message are we sending to people if someone who cheats is honored in the Hall of Fame in spite of it? People who earn awards need to have done so through their own merits, not by taking drugs. Aside from not being allowed in the Hall of Fame, they should also be stripped of any other awards if it is discovered that they were cheating.

  • It's still a crime.

    Even though I am not a pot smoker, I still believe there is so much worse a person can do to themselves besides smoking pot. That being said, it is still illegal in most states, and therefore, no. I feel if a player is suspected of smoking weed, they should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame until proven clean.

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