• Violent Games and Bad Behavior

    If you are still convinced that violent video games are just harmless fun, you might want to put down that console and research some of the negative effects and cases caused by violent video games. Some points I want to discuss is that violent video games increase aggression, they lead to decreased self-control and an increase in cheating, and violent video games interfere with the ability to make real-word decisions due to the interference with self-regulation of moral behavior.

  • Its a bad thing.

    The problem people don't really see because they're so involved within the game are and what it does to you. Kids today get rewarded for being more violent on these video games. It’s outrageous, games often confuse reality into fantasy. If you have a child and they tell you how much they enjoy playing video games and how good it is, take it into consideration and limit their game time because kids who often play video games end up picking up bad language. Studies show children who only play video games for one hour a day are more sociable and less hyperactive and most importantly happier instead of playing it constantly. It just keeps you isolated also they might be spending more time on that than they do completing their homework or revision in general. Video games teach children the wrong values.

  • Playing online games should be discourage.

    Wasting moneys and wasting of productive time. Most victims are children, and most children were just in a low class in the society or just the poor ones i should say. If a child is always looking up strait forward only in the computer and it is the only thing that he/she is prioritizing it might just affect the health of the child and also the bonding and open communication in their house. I rest my case...

  • Lets not rot the minds of our next generation

    Parents worry about their kids and their excessive phone use and excessive video game playing, and they should be. Kids and teens today are more likely to develop alzheimer's than any other past generation. The on going debate only really has one answer, and that is yes the online gaming needs to stop ASAP, to prevent further damage to todays youth and the many generations to come.

  • Yes, discouraged because of the way it damages our species.

    Damages health and ruins lives. Not only are gamers ruining their own lives but our whole species because they pass on those bad genes of bad eyesight, slouched back, bag under eyes. Stop ruining our species and start saving human kind for the love of anything please stop stop stop

  • Playing online games should be discouraged.

    Playing online games should be discouraged. When people play online games, they take away from time that could be best used and spent with their families or going outside, or doing some thing that is productive. When people spend all their idle ime in front of a screen, it does them no good.

  • Online games won't cause harm, if used correctly and moderately.

    These days, gaming is one of the common activities done by almost everyone, be it kids, teenagers or even adults. I believe that it stimulates a child mind, when the play games that are educational. We older people play games to relax our mind for a bit, and to take a break from work, or school.

    In conclusion, gaming should not be discouraged, or taken away from us. Instead, we should control what we play, and the amount of time spend on playing. As for children, parent should monitor what they're playing, or, they could block websites which contain mature content, and games which contain violence.

    One way or another, gaming shouldn't be discouraged or taken away as it plays a so-called "main" part in our life, keeping us entertained, and teaching us new things (for kids).

  • I have a dog

    He is cute and plays Anime Games.. Like a lot! And barks like a japanese soldier yelling Banzai! I named him little boy for some reason because he is explosive. And he is so good in making cars, I mean he manufactures them in the garage. Does hump his waifu pillow and pretty much Kawaii! So what I am saying is that I have a dog..

  • Video games are not the best but can be harmful

    Video games are not the worlds most educational thing but you can also learn a lot from them. The reason they are harmful is because some games are violent meaning kids could get the wrong idea. We can learn a lot of things form them but it depends on the kid and what they interperated from the game. Some kids could learn a thing or too, while others would probably get violent ideas.

  • Online games are my life

    Online games are my life cuz i have no money to go and buy drugs and baccy so i just stay at home all day just sat on my ass playing my play station and if anyone has a problem with that they can go suck my dick for all i care

  • We Love Gaming.

    I believe that gaming should be allowed, I myself love to play games as it calms me and lets out all my negative energy. Parents shouldn't worry about video games and more about our education. Gaming can teach us life skills such as: Mathematical problems, Speech, it also helps people focus and there reactions, plus there hand-eye-coordination. Although you should make sure they spend enough time outside and socializing. Some people say it kills out brain cells and stops us from learning "important" skills. Other people say that it should be allowed and it increases skills we couldn't learn from any school teacher. And I say our gaming cannot be taken away from us. It is part of us and means a lot to us!

  • Playing computer games wasn't a bad thing in leisure time

    Computer games are fun, so that's why so many kids right now like to play computer games, but in my opinion, it doesn't mean that kids should play computer games all the time, that because sometimes it causes a problem, but computer games are fun in leisure time, so, they should know how to manage their time,
    they can use some of the time exercising, reading a book or anything, and they can use some of the time playing computer games for fun, but if i will recommend the kids, i would recommend them to play educational computer game so if can be also educational.

  • People aren't machines as aren't kids

    People don't work 24 hours a day producing item or finishing work. Instead they tend to give breaks to their minds which is accomplished by video games and other forms of entertainment. We aren't robots, we do not have a literal computer for a brain and talk in a monotone voice. In moderation video games can differentiate us from one.

  • It makes students to relax their mind

    It really can make students relax their mind because if you are studying 3 to 4 subjects per day then it are really useful . When we study one subject and going to study another subject it is necessary to take break because our mind is still thinking of previous learnt subject. At this time by playing video games you can relax your mind and then you will feel more energetic to study.

  • Online Games Are Okay

    I think that playing online games is okay as long as it is done in moderation. Of course, there is a difference between playing Farmville and poker where you're actually betting your own money. I think that betting games should be discouraged because gambling can become a serious problem. In general though, I think playing games can be fun and enjoyable if done in moderation.

  • Video Games Can be Educational

    I think that parents should worry less about their children playing games, and more about moderating their habits. Playing online games at an early age can increase a child's ability to learn, and gives them hand-eye-coordination they would not have otherwise. It is important for the child to still play outside and eat healthy.

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