• Yes yes yes!

    Pluto was the epitome of the planets while growing up. We were taught that planets were large bodies revolving around the sun. But Pluto was the underdog! It was SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the "outer giants" but still proved to be worthy of planethood. Not to mention that Pluto has to be the coolest god of all time and deserves to be represented as a planet.

    As Jared Leto once said:
    "I've always liked Saturn. But I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it's been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you've given something planetary status it's kind of mean to take it away."

    Or as Neil deGrasse Tyson once said all "Plutophiles" came from America, being that he rest of the world did not share the same love and attachment to Pluto as America did. In that case, Pluto is as American as apple pie, gun rights, and Islamaphobia...

    All joking aside. Pluto remains to be the coolest celestial body of all time and totally deserves a "whimsical" reinstatement as a planet. All people against are communists! (Possible quote of Joseph McCarthy?)

  • Who doesn't like Pluto?

    Yes, Pluto should be reinstated as a planet, because it revolves around the sun. There are many bodies that circle around the sun, but Pluto should be considered a planet, because it is so far away. It is notable that we discovered that Pluto existed, so for that reason it should keep its title of planet.

  • As long as we have planets for goodness sake!!!!!

    We have 8 planets in our solar system without pluto. But if pluto is reinstated as a planet then we will have 9 planets again... YAY!!!!! If we dont get pluto back then we will just have 1 planet missing. Who would want that? I really do want pluto to be reinstated as a planet because it is my favourite planet and it doesn't matter about anything that pluto has, as long as it is a planet again. Who does not want pluto back as a planet? If people still matter about who big or small a planet is then we won't have any more planets left in our solar system.

    Some people like pluto and it will be so cool if pluto was a planet again beacause we have a planet with dwarfs on it. It dosen't matter about how a planet orbits as long as it orbits around the sun, and as long as it is in our galaxy and in our solar system.

  • Planets are planets.

    If pluto is changed to a planet again then we will go back to 9 planets. If we keep saying that a planet is too big or to small to be a planet then we will have no more planets left in our solar system. Our own galaxy would have 1 big whole in it.

  • Just because it's small and has a weird orbit, that doesn't mean it's not a planet

    They said it's the NINTH PLANET in our solar system, now a few years/months later, they say it's no longer a planet. NO, I honestly don't care what the government said, it's still a planet. You can't just make a planet not a planet. It's bad enough that astronomers claimed to have found "A NINTH Planet' and they're sticking on calling it Planet 9, yet Pluto was discovered before this so called "Ninth Planet. A planet is a planet and it should remain that way. That's like saying "Oh, I'm very small and have a weird face, am I not a person"? To me, there is no such thing as a "Dwarf Planet"

  • Pluto Revolves around our sun

    Pluto rovolves around the sun meaning it should be said as a planet mercury is small and revolves around the sun and it is still stated as a planet. So in that state it should e reinstated as a planet. As there are many more dwarf planets but none are the size of pluto because they are all muc smaller #LetPlutoKeepItsName

  • It was classified as a planet before

    Science doesn't mean voting, which is exactly what the space scientist people did. What's wrong with going back? So many people think that pluto should be a planet. What criteria changed? Was it hurting anybody when Pluto was a planet? NO! Now they've just confused us. I remember learning about Pluto as a kid. It was my favourite planet. And now it can't be my favourite planet because its not a planet anymore. And what about the next generation! They'll grow up without knowing the importance of Pluto, and that's just wrong.

  • Moons For gods sake!!

    As a year 10 I am currently studying the universe I have always considered Pluto to be a planet for it has moons that like every planet in our solar system does so I think that it should be a planet because only planets have moons so Pluto must be a planet!!

  • Pluto revolves around the sun

    Well basically I'm a small person and Pluto's a small planet. Saying Pluto isn't a planet is like saying I'm not a person. I think it is unfair to say Pluto is'nt a planet just because it's much smaller than the others. #outrageous Say no more... I am right lol.

  • Pluto Should Not Be Reinstated As A Planet

    No, Pluto should not be reinstated as a planet. It is now called a dwarf planet because it does not meet the criteria to be a regular planet. Pluto is very small, even smaller than our moon. It circles the sun but does not do it in the way other planets do, circling it in an oval like shape rather than in an actual circular motion. The size of Pluto prevents it from being able to dodge objects like other larger planets can.

  • No, it doesn't fit the properties of a planet

    This is an old argument that should have finished a long time ago, Pluto is NOT a planet, why? It doesn't fit the "Rules" of a planet, these rules are that it needs to orbit the sun (Yes), have strong enough gravity to compress itself into a sphere shape (Yes) and have "cleared the neighborhood" within its orbit (No), so because of this, Pluto is not a planet and is in fact a dwarf planet. If we make Pluto a planet then that means we will have countless other planets (Makemake, Ceres, Sedna, Eris etc).

  • It isn't a question of if you like or dislike it.

    Science is based around strict definitions and classifications. This is how humans have organized there thoughts since the dawn of invention. To put it simply there is essentially a checklist of things, in this case Pluto, must follow in order to be defined as something. For a planet Pluto's orbit crosses over Neptune's every once in a while and it is too small to be considered a planet.

  • No, It Isn't A Planet

    According to Neil Degrasse Tyson, Pluto is closer in definition to an asteroid than it is to a planet. It is nowhere near large enough to be considered a planet, and doesn't meet the criteria that would allow it to be considered a planet. The only reason that it was ever considered a planet is because we knew so little about Pluto.

  • Pluto should not be reinstated as a planet since it does not meet the requirements.

    Scientists say that in order for a planet to qualify as such, it must meet three major requirements. One of them is that it should orbit around the sun. Second factor is that it should have enough weight to form a circular form. The last requirement is that it should clear the environment near its path or orbit. Since Pluto does not meet this last requirement.

  • No, Pluto cannot be a planet.

    The definition of a planet is an object that has attained a sphere-like shape due to gravity, orbits the sun, and has cleared its orbital path. Pluto has not cleared its orbit, therefore it is not a planet. If it was, then Eris, Hakemake, Haumea, and Ceres would be planets as well.

  • If Pluto is a planet, then add 10,000 or more planets to the list.

    There is a such thing as the Kuiper Belt. Before anyone knew of Uranus, there was a "planet" discovered between Mars and Jupiter. 1 year later, another was found in the same region, and another. Now we know in that area, there are tens of thousands of "planets" in that belt, most of which are chunks of ice. We discovered Pluto, and thought it was a planet. Then, we found that there were a lot of chunks of ice in that area. Everything was fine for Pluto, until we discovered a rock in that region that was bigger that Pluto. Now, Pluto is appropriately a part of the Kuiper Belt, very similar to the asteroid belt apart from its location. Calling Pluto a planet, would reason that there are likely tens of thousands more planet in the same reason.

  • Pluto Does Not Qualify as a Planet

    Pluto should not be reinstated as a planet just for some whimsical reasons. Enough science proves and materials support the statement that Pluto does not qualify as a planet, but rather as a dwarf planet. We do not say the snow is red just because we don`t like the white color. If the scientists say it`s not a planet, so be it.

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