• Murder is Murder.

    Poachers kill animals for vanity.

    It would be just to kill another human for a human part that would serve in some type of vanity.

    We're all animals on Earth, only a delusional human would think it'd be any different simply because we can think more than deeper than the rest of the animal kingdom.

  • Poachers should receive the death penalty

    Because they are murdering others. I don't believe in speciesism. Those that murder have no moral conscience, and no compassion. They are killing animals that have absolutely zero defense against human beings. These animals feel pain and fear just as we do along w/ every other living being. Not to mention the fact that all of their numbers are dwindling rapidly. In my book, all poachers deserve to die.

  • Human population is growing exponentially, over 7 billion humans on Earth.

    Native elephant, rhino, big cat, and other beautiful endangered animal populations are rapidly decreasing. If DRASTIC measures are not taken soon, these beautiful animals will become extinct.

    Poachers should be shot and killed on site. If these humans are forced to hunt endangered animals because they live in poverty stricken areas, then efforts should be taken to help them, but not at the cost of the natural wildlife population.

  • A Kill for A Kill

    We shall follow Hammurabi's law which states that if you do something to someone then they may do the same thing to you as revenge. We shall also follow the rule "treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated". So in conclusion if you kill an animal on purpose or some one else then you shall be killed.

  • No place for such savagery in civilized society.

    Poaching is completely unnecessary and reprehensible, especially in the case of killing intelligent animals such as elephants or gorillas. Individuals who partake in such activities are not good human beings and only bring harm into this world. They are a plague on humanity, and ultimately they are the ones who should be erased.

  • No room in jails!

    Simply put....Jailing these poachers would be a very short deterrent. This is what happens now, and they are out slaughtering elephants and rhinos again within a few days. Too much money involved!
    Death penalty? YES! No other answer to this plague that springs from poverty, overpopulation in 3rd world countries...And demand from CHINA! We should put huge sanctions on China until they educate and penalize their own population for stupidity and STUPIDITY! Stop Now China!

  • It only shows how despicable human nature can be

    Need is a major driver in any endeavor and as human beings we resort to all sort of ideologies to justify our actions. We can’t possibly call ourselves a civilized society unless our actions sustain that statement and poaching is one of those that refute that statement.

    Self-centeredness and ignorance is at the core of the problem and unfortunately unless there are serious consequences to actions, human nature shows we are most incompetent to act.
    I think all poaching and people creating businesses to profit from it should be severely punished. As someone posted already biological genocide and torture at the hand of a so called civilized society is inexcusable.

    I eat meat and I recognize there is another living creature that dies so that I can live, however I do everything possible to ensure this creature dies in the most honorable and painless way. Beyond the point perhaps but I do not hunt to satisfy a killing desire, or to profit from it and far from it killing animals on the brink of extinction. Anyone that enjoys the act of killing or feels superior with a rifle at hand just reflects an ill founded and evil superiority complex.

  • Biological genocide is irreparable.

    It is a callous crime driven by greed against the last remnants of species, it is deliberate obliteration of millions years of evolution. It is not a crime against humanity, it is worse, it is a crime against life itself, it is the ultimate genocide. If death penalty is generally despicable, for such crimes where greed is the main driver - rather than hate etc. - can be the only deterrent.

  • They are murderers

    Humans have destroyed pretty much everything they've ever laid their hands on and now these poachers are doing their best to wipe out one of the last great things about this planet. If these goverments really wanted to save all the species that are threatened then they would come up with a law deters these people. And lets face it the only thing that would make a poacher who stands to make a small fortune from a rhino horn or elephant tusk think twice is knowing that if they get caught they are going to die. In case there is any doubt, yes I am in favour of poachers being put to death.

  • Destroying Innocent animals

    Animals are innocent and deserve a chance at life. Poachers kill them for no reason other than providing rich people in other countries delicacies and decorations. If you impose the death penalty, poaching will stop no questions asked. I doubt someone is willing to risk their life to make a quick buck.

  • Poachers no, but drunk or stoned drivers and speeders should receive the death penalty.

    Who does more harm, drunk drivers and speeders or poachers?

    Yes, poachers are bad people, but the death penalty, please. Drunk drivers and speeders do much more harm to the world, and very few receive lengthy prison terms, and virtually none get the death penalty.

    I actually don't think drunk drivers and speeders should get the death penalty; but, they should spend many years in jail. But, 480,000 people Worldwide are killed by drunk drivers annually; at least another 500,000 deaths worldwide are caused by speeders. Nowhere near 1 million animals are killed by poachers annually. And, humans are much more important that any prehistoric animals will ever be.

    Alcohol and driving don't mix, but still, many people love to drink and drive resulting in numerous road mishaps. Drunken driving has been recognized as a world menace, based on the stats which reveal that road accidents cause 1.2 million deaths and 50 million injuries around the world each year. Some 480,000 of these deaths and 20 million of people get injured by drunken driving.

    In 2010, 10,530 people lost their lives in speeding-related crashes in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, representing 31 percent of all traffic deaths.

    Most likely around a million people die worldwide from drunk drivers and speeders annually.

    And, you want to give the death penalty to Poachers?

  • You have to be mentally retarded to value a wild animal more than a human especially if you eat. Meat.

    You have to be mentally retarded to value a wild animal more than a human especially if you eat. Meat. The hypocrisy is getting out of hand now people are calling for the death of other people for killing wild animals whilst they eat the flesh of a farm animal... This generation needs to grow a back bone my wife and children are infinite times more important than all animals combined you can take your tiger and shove it deep up your ass if you don't want me to kill it better yet try walking by it see how much it values your life.

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  • Poachers should be killed and face death penalty

    They are killing animals which did no harm to them just for money and wealth. How will the animal's family feel? Yes. They are animals, but they are also living. Don't you think they have feelings too? What will you feel if another species is hunting down all of your species and making your species smaller and smaller?

    If they can kill such innocent animals, don't you think one day they will turn to kill humans?

  • Death Penalty Is a Bit Extreme

    In general, I find that any time the death penalty in mentioned, we, as a society, tend to turn off our compassion. I simply don't believe that any offence requires the death penalty. In short, the death penalty should only be used if there is legitimate fear that the person will cause and continue to cause significant harm to others. And while I love animals and find poaching, especially of endangered animals, despicable, a more appropriate punishment is a removal of firearm licenses.

  • That is pretty intense

    It is kinda intense to kill a person for them taking animals for granted. But i think there should be a better punishment than a fee of maybe a couple hundred dollars. I love and respect but i think that a punishment of death would be pretty heavy. And a lot of poaching is due to accidents and carelessness. Maybe a better idea of punishment would be jail or parole. Most humans are smarter than animals, but we should still respect them. No matter what.

  • That is pretty intense

    It is kinda intense to kill a person for them taking animals for granted. But i think there should be a better punishment than a fee of maybe a couple hundred dollars. I love and respect but i think that a punishment of death would be pretty heavy. And a lot of poaching is due to accidents and carelessness. Maybe a better idea of punishment would be jail or parole. Most humans are smarter than animals, but we should still respect them. No matter what.

  • No why would they?

    That is WAY to severe. Much more sensible would be a fine, and nothing more. The amount of the fine would actually depend on the amount of animals that were poached, or if it's an ungodly amount, then there should be some jail or maybe prison time. If they do it a second time then they should recieve jail time if there are more then few animals, then their should be prison time. A third time should result in prison time.

  • How are we any better then

    How would we be any better then them? They kill elephants, rhinos and many more for superficial gains or financial gains. But we would just be killing them just because they broke a law. I am not saying it is right to poach but we dont need to kill them we could give them a life sentence in jail.

  • We are taught that pouching is wrong but we are also taught that murder is wrong

    I think that it is a large problem and that they should face a life time in prison It is not right to tack away an animals right to live free so they should not get to either but Jesus teaches us to love everyone and not to murder so if we kill another person we are just as bad as them i do however believe they are horrible people

  • Poaching doesn't just refer to exotic animals

    Poacher's ravage North America as well, however the vast majority of people don't even know how serious the problem is here. For example, America (Canada as well) has naturally growing ginseng, who's roots can fetch $600+ a pound (compared to $12 a pound for farmed ginseng) and in the last twenty years poachers have been ripping these plants out of the ground to sell to China town's across North America. Other plants are also taken, however alot of these populations are less effected (the natural ginseng is being ravaged) as they are more common. As for meat, alot of meat is trafficked by gangs and this type of killing is found all across rural areas in North America. In spite of increasing regulation which has put a squeeze on hunter's and fisherman, who contribute BILLIONS to conservation through licenses, taxes, and donations every year, poaching has become progressively worse. Instead of punishing Hunters for the sins of a few, why not try to use some of the billions to monitor our great nation's forests to try and protect our natural resources.

    Poachers are a serious problem who should be dealt with just like any other criminal, serious jail time (3-5 years) with conspiracy charges if possible (15-25 years). Although poaching is mostly due to social circumstances, which do have to be improved one way or the other, for now jail will have to do. State sanctioned murder is never the answer.

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