Should pocket knives be allowed in school?

Asked by: TWD430
  • Yes they should be

    Kids used to bring Pocket Knifes to show and tell maybe 20 years ago! And now if a student even talks about a weapon they're automatically expelled. A pocketknife is a handy tool and any student should be able to have one as long as they are right in the head and at least in 6th Grade.

  • Knifes aren't inherently bad.

    Pocket knives, especially the one shown in the picture, are tools. Not only are the knives a tool, but in the specific one shown, the knife can be accompanied by a variety of useful things like corkscrews, screwdrivers, and other tools to aid you in life. I've been carrying a Swiss Army Knife to classes as an attachment to my keys and the security officers haven't said anything about it, nor has anything negative come of it.

    Just because it can hurt you doesn't make it a bad thing.

  • It will help kids learn how to be safe with them

    If a kid knows how to be safe with a knife then you don't have to worry
    about them. If kids did not know how to be safe with a knife will most likely hurt other people. That is why they should be allowed to carry them in school at all times

  • High school students should be allowed to bring pocket knives to school

    I’m a high school student and I think if the school lets you you should be able to carry a pocket knife in school as long as it’s not too long and the school knows you have it. Obviously students with violent tendencies or students who have threatened to kill students will not be allowed to carry knives, But over all students should be allowed to carry pocket knives

  • Should be allowed

    While, yes it would be easy to stab the kid next to you, would you actually attempt a massacre if you knew that students were armed? You could use them for bad, yes I agree with that 100 percent but while there are scary students with bad intentions there are also many good ones that would be willing to pull out a knife in case of a bad one doing the same.

  • Why are knives any more dangerous than scissors or other tools used in classrooms.

    I have been sent to alternative school(AEP) for carrying my pocketknife to school on accident, i carry it every Monday to boy scouts. Everyone knows that the majority of school violence is carried out by boys. As a star scout who has been to multiple week long camp outs, where over one hundred kids are carrying a knife, the worst thing that has ever happened is someone threatening to use it, and they never follow through. If someone really wanted to hurt someone at school, they wouldn't have to bring a pocketknife, they could just use a pair of scissors, the x-acto knives in the art room, or even a pencil. Anyway, if someone wanted to use a pocket knife to hurt someone, is a sign saying"no knives allowed" going to keep them from doing it. If you haven't noticed people don't tend to shoot up places or knife people in places where they are going to get hurt, when was the last time you heard of someone shooting people in a place where everyone has a gun, same in school, the bully isn't going to stab any one if he knows that he is likely to get stabbed himself. Plus, 6-8 graders these days are too scared to even get in a fist fight, no way they stab each other.

  • Knives should be allowed, but...

    Knives should be allowed in school, but their length should be regulated to under four inches. No task a student needs to complete during the school day should require a tool of that size. Yes, knives can be used as weapons, and schools should have punishments for brandishing and taking out knives when the intent to use it as a tool is not present. And any student who threatens another with their tool, should be expelled immediately.

  • Knives Should Be IN Schools

    A knife is not a weapon but only a tool. As long as a kid is mentally ok he should be able to bring one in. I own a Leatherman and have found many times when that would be useful, even in a school. The term knife is stupid, most now a days are multi use tools and very helpful anywhere.

  • Knives are a tool.

    I believe that a knife is a tool first, and a weapon last. I've been going to school and my friends and I use them as tools. The knife shown above is an example of a tool, that may be helpful in school. For example if you needed to clip your nails, you could use the scissors, or you may be in an art class and use the main blade to cut something.

  • Knives should be allowed in schools.

    Only responsible students should be allowed to use them though. If kids are allowed to use saws and laser cutters and exacto knives in workshop class, then why aren't we allowed to carry around knives. If the actual knife part isn't allowed then why not a multi-tool without a knife?

  • Kids are stupid.

    Kids these days are stupid. With cartoon violence there is a lack of consequence and kids don't fully understand that. Most kids don't even fully understand death and none of them have mused over mortality (their own or that of others).
    While a penknife is an excellent tool in the right hands, in the wrong hands it's a murder weapon. While I imagine some parents trust their kids with the pen-knife, it's foolish to trust every child in their school.
    Hypothetically: If your child can be trusted with a pen-knife and you let them go to school with it. If another child steals it and uses it on their classmates then YOU supplied that child with a weapon and are responsible for wounding or even killing another child.
    In my mind it is just easier to keep those things at home and use them there as the amazing tool it can be. They have no need for it in school.

  • There is no reason...

    Nothing happens in school that would deem it absolutely necessary. Though some may argue that the pocketknives have useful tools, none of the tools are necessary at school? Does a child really need a bottle opener at school? Besides, kids should learn how to use words and not weapons. So whats the point of pocketknives?

  • No. Absolutely not.

    As a victim of fairly severe bullying myself, I can say truthfully that the addition of a pocket knife into the already violent atmosphere would surely end badly. I'm sure that if any of the aforementioned bullies had had a pocket knife at hand they would have used it against me.

  • No! Are you crazy?

    What use would you have for a pocket knife in school? Things would escalate super fast and the results would not be pretty. Children don't understand the consequences of their actions. Violence is everywhere in the media these days, and children think it is ok to hurt someone without realizing how serious things can be. Mindless shooting and killing is everywhere in video games, in reality everything is much different!

  • Are you kidding ?

    What a knife is going to do any good to student ?. It's only going to harm someone and beside a little quarrel will turn into some serious fight. It's a stage where student must learn to set there little quarrel with calmness and by friendship which will help in long run. Having knife with them, they are going to pull at once and the things may end up serious.

  • This will only have a bad outcome.

    I live in southern Kentucky, where many boys bring their knives and their smokeless tobacco to school. I have actually been cut by a boy with a pocket knife in school before and I have the scar to show for it. The boy got in no trouble, although I could have gotten a serious infection or possibly something more severe. Pocket knives at school do lead to bad situations, I have experienced this first hand. I understand that there are boys who carry a pocket knife like it is second nature, but school is not a place for this.

  • Are you insane?

    Why do they need a pocket knife at school? Someones gonna be sharpening their pencil with a huge blade and cut towards themselves. Someones gonna stab another person. Some kids these days are just insane. Well at least some people don't know how to open pocket knifes. Theres no use for pocket knifes at school anyway.

  • Most of our current society are not mature enough to handle knives amd other such tools or weapons.

    Give a lil kid a knife fifty years ago no one cares because then they could use that knife as a tool amd were responsible enough to take care of it amd not stab there brother's eye out by mistake. They would use it correctly or not at all. And they used common sense. Knives aren't bad and they can be useful but our modern world is not mature enough to use such items properly. And before you think I'm some worrisome mother doubting at home worrying about her lil guy off at a dangerous school full of criminals i will tell you strait I'm fourteen and in high school. And if i think most people aren't mature enough then there's someth8ng up if one of the group argueing for knives in schools is saying that WE aren't ready then you know we aren't. Besides what would you use a knife at school for any how? If there was a use for them thats one thing but as is there's no reason for them any how.

  • Bad for many reasons

    They can harm others and be used in the wrong way. One is that i knew a kid who had recently split up with his girl friend and another guy said that she was a whore. So he hunted him down a pulled his knife out while in school and thretend to cot him

  • Risky bet with lives on the line.

    Firstly, I will tell you a bit about my self. I am a 13 year old who has never carried a knife but has considered it, however I have know people who carried knifes in the past. Children carry knifes for many reasons; some bad, others good.

    A good reason why children carry knifes are for 'protection' from gangs, stronger adults and other people carrying knifes. In a 2008 survey, 353,000 young adults from the ages of 10 to 25 carried knifes, and that numbers only risen up. The reason why people carry knifes to defend against gangs and stronger adults is that there is no 'good' way to defend against knifes, making them a good offensive and defensive weapon. They are hard to defend against: on average, 38 young men, no older than 14, are admitted to A&E due to knife (or sharp object) related assaults. In 2015, there was a 13% sky rocket in knife assaults, and almost like a similar number for 2017. "Knife or be knifed"

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