• Poetry is irrelevant and boring

    It is boring reading stuff written with little or no concern for grammar. It is not the same as music, Nor rap, Nor any other song. Poetry is no longer needed or useful and being a doctor or even a philosipher is way more important than writings that take 4 seconds to make. I. E. This haiku i made in 5 seconds
    the world is changing
    The climate is starting to die
    I miss al gore lots

  • No point to it

    Reading over a poem you have never seen is stressful and makes no sense what so ever and a simple message which is hidden behind 5000 different pointless techniques which are used to cover it make it more convoluted. All of it is very cryptic and takes centuries to find out what the fuck it all means.

  • There's just no point.

    Give me a good reason why we should have to go over poetry in school. What if I don't want to be a songwriter, Or a author, Or a writer in general? I think we should be able to choose whether we want this taught to us or not, Because most kids are going into their adult life using little to nothing they learned in poetry, In real life.

  • It's very boring

    Many Students fear poetry in there exams.
    It’s hard to remember all 15 poems for only two to be used
    Every poem is different with different features and meaning making it hard to link them together
    Students find it hard to recall features and don’t answer the question properly
    Students gets too much annotations and don’t answer the questions
    Students are getting too stressed over the current curriculum as they feel they are in a competition with each other
    Students feel stupid or dumb when they don’t understand the question or the poem
    The average grade for an english gcse is 66.1%
    Majority of the marks dropped in an english gcse is from paper 2 which poetry is in
    A pass for a gcse has fallen slowly over the last 7 years
    1.6% of marks has been dropped off of gcse over the last year
    Students find poetry boring and hard
    Students don’t see the point of poetry
    If they keep poetry decrease the amount of poems we have to revise from 15 to 10
    The message of the poem is sometimes hard to find and understand
    Most of the poets are from people not from our times but 1980’s, when the poem was written
    Students find it hard to recall themes and tones in poems
    People believe that learning to live a life is more important than knowing poems
    There is very little emphasis for the subject
    Very little benefits from the subject

  • I failed a Poetry Explication

    I am in my senior year of highschool, and my teacher had us to a poetry explication, and all I have to say is that we really shouldn't need to do it, since poetry means nothing to me. Personally poets are overzelous, pot heads, who over dramatize everything.

    I was also failed on the explication for using outside sources (aka my grandma who is a poet and PHD of English, and College Professor), and I have never read a poem, how do teachers expect us to magically do this without reading a poem.

    The only poetry like thing I like is Shakespear.

  • School is supposed to teach you what you need to live your life. Learning about poetry is completely unnecessary.

    Poetry has no positive impact on students' education, it just wastes excess time and money. Most students have zero interest in the subject and would rather be learning something more relevant to their life. The supposed "benefits" behind learning poetry are nonexistent, and it only makes students more stressed and depressed than they already are. An English class should focus on expressing your ideas logically and correctly, not figuratively and confusingly. Instead, poetry should be an optional/elective class offered for the small number of students who are interested in the subject.

  • Poetry is not needed

    Poetry is not needed because what company is going to ask you if you know poetry in there job interviews and what normal job do you need poetry it is useless in every type of way and in my school i see people fall asleep when the poetry unit is active

  • No poetry at school

    Honestly, no one ever uses poetry really for real life. That’s of course, unless you are a writer I doubt you’ll use poetry. Kids should b able to pick what they are learning and then be able to use it in their future career. I’d say from 8th grade and up you should be able to choose your classes.

  • Poetry should not be banned

    Because it is virtually important part of our lives without there would be no music this is just one reason why poetry should not be banned as it shows at the top over 60 percent of the people in this debate say no so i hope you are completely convinced that poetry should not be removed from the school curriculum

  • Uses to much time

    Some kids actually tried to commit suicide from being confused and being overwhelmed from poetry that's why it should be banned from school and then teachers harass to work on something else then the kid gets overwhelmed and very very upset about the matter at hand and that is the reason it should be banned.

  • Especially for Creative Writing or as a simple activity, It is an outlet.

    I understand that the analysis of poetry done usually in English is frustrating, But it's a whole lot different when you get to make poetry yourself. It is a way to release any sort of emotion and there are several ways that you can write it. It is a way to break free, Make yourself feel at ease, Express how you feel, Or even just for the fun of it. It isn't for everyone, But nonetheless, It is something that must stay in the school curriculum.

  • I don’t think it should

    Reason why it shouldn’t is because poetry is a form of art and history if we take poetry away from the curriculums were taking away a part of history that changed lives and ended up forming the world we have now poetry in some cases is like another form of English or languages so I think that poetry should stay in curiculams for example its like saying should we take away languages or crafts and art in curriculums which would be naive because we need art to express our selves plus it’s a job people have just like people get paid for poetry and we also need our different languages so we can learn things just like how you would learn things in poetry something help u learn about the past some things help you learn about what’s going on somewhere during the present times so I disagree about taking poetry away

  • Poetry. More than just complicated words

    Poetry, especially of the classic cannon have been around for centuries. And yes, this means that some of the language they use may be odd, difficult, might even make you want to close your eyes and just- sleep. But, the language, expression and emotion which ran thick through the lines of poetry then, run thick through them now, painting a canvas of repetition in which poetry is. Poetry is the repetition of thoughts and ideas, of emotions we still feel today reinforced through metaphors and imagery. So we should not be so quick to through all this away, when doing so is the same as denying your own emotion, your own thoughts and dreams. No one ever said you had to commit yourself to old poetry either, the new stuff heard in songs and written in books are just as effective.

  • Poetry should not be removed from the curriculum.

    I know a lot of people who despise poetry or think it is meaningless and unnecessary. I used to be one of those people. This year I am a senior in high school. My English instructor has used a lot of different pieces of poetry throughout the semester. And honestly I don't usually understand poetry if I just read through it. Reading and learning about poetry has not made it easy for me to understand. But it has taught me how to approach it in a way that I can understand it. If you really take the time to look up words or phrases that you don't understand, it can take on so much meaning. Maybe try asking questions of someone who likes and understands poetry better than you do. In my opinion, poetry is like a much more complicated version of song lyrics. It is just as beautiful and meaningful. But it requires a lot more attention to detail and questioning. I think this strengthens our imagination and creativity. So whether you like poetry or not, I think it is still important to read and learn about.

  • Culture in Cultureless World

    I feel as thought the need for poetry as well as the major studies are needed in public schools in America, especially where I live in Pennsylvania, where worldly culture is nearly nonexistent. Yes, poetry may not be math and science but it still holds a semblance in schools. I feel as thought if students are taught about poetry and major Literary works they could actually show to the world that, "Hey, I did come from a backwater town in Pennsylvania but I can still tell you what the story of Troilus and Criseyde is about."

  • Not all math and sciences.

    As a Creative Writer and student, poetry seems a huge necessity. We don´t get many chances to learn about the expressions of others. We´re discouraged from the arts and encouraged to focus on the black and white issues. News flash! Some kids are not good at math or science, but may be excellent at poetry.

  • Poetry opens doors.

    I love poetry and write poetry. I learned everything I need to about poetry from the curriculum. When something is taught in the curriculum, it is a seed. YOu can choose to water it, you can choose to let it lie dormant, but when you water it, it grows into a beautiful tree. You can't grow a tree without a seed.

  • My opinion is weird.

    I think that students should learn the basics of poetry for their imagination and writing skills. I believe that it is important for kids to learn different types of writing, however, I don't see why Shakespeare's plays is a necessity to read about FOR school. Shakespeare is difficult to understand but poetry is good for many other things. It opens up our minds and personally helps me relieve my stress in school. It is relaxing.

  • Imaginiation is needed

    Because kids won't use their imagination.
    Will not express their feelings in words.
    You will not get good rappers .
    It limits job options like poets , creative writers and rapping and most poets had English degrees.
    It shows imagination in words.
    You can study shakespears work in old books.

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