• Yes It should

    I love poetry and it is not in my school curriculum, which makes me sad. I wish it would be in my community. But I love my Language Arts teacher because he teaches it anyways. But next year I might not get any knowledge of poetry. I love poetry!! Poetry Should be taught in schools

  • Its bad ass nigga

    Poetry is so cool it expresses our feelings and whoever say its dumb and stupid then your wrong even you people who say its useless and dumb without poetry there would be no music and no lyrics in this world. So dont be a hater and say it suck ok.

  • Heck yea bud

    There is almost no other way to see real examples of figurative language. Another reason is there are not many other ways for teens to express their feelings in high school years. Poetry relieves the tension that high school brings. Poetry is needed for children at a vulnerable age in their teen years.

  • Poetry utilizes the personal background of each student to create the aspect we take on in life.

    Students are often told that we need to pay attention and follow directions, and as a 13 year old I can say that get's pretty boring pretty fast. But in poetry we can express ourselves without being hounded by our guidance counselors. I have workplace anxiety, which means I can get very stressed out very very fast if I am in the wrong situation, when someone is hounding me about my emotions I can't function very well, and poetry gives me the chance to show that without that happening. Poetry not only does that for me but a lot of other students, and it gives us a chance to see what we can do with who we are and what situations we are placed in. Now I don't know anyone who can write poetry without reading it first, and there are so many ways to teach it. Classical poetry, authors like Poe and Shakespeare. African American poetry, and trench poetry all are important.

  • Poetry Should be Taught

    Poetry is very important. Poetry is a literature that uses the sounds; rhythms and meaning of the words o describe the world in striking and imaginative ways. Poetry supports literacy, builds community and emotional literacy, builds community and poetry also foster emotional suppleness. Poetry helps every one and builds communities. Poetry also helps babies they get older. Poetry opens venues for speaking and listening. Poetry builds resilience in kids and adults.
    Poetry should be taught in schools for many reasons. In school, kids feel overwhelmed and unable to describe their emotions or there feelings.

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  • Poetry brings out creativity

    Poetry can teach students to deeply express themselves and others. Students should be encouraged to express themselves because if they can't they don't have a voice. Poetry is the only thing in the world that can allow your mind to process emotions you would have never thought you could feel.

  • Poetry should be taught to all

    Poetry is what you aren't supposed to say. It's a jumbled mess of yarn stretched out all over the floor. It's your soul bared open for all to see but despite the mess, once you get it out you can see it for what it is and appreciate the beauty and chaos of exactly where you are at. I think adults, children, teenagers and elders would all gain a larger perspective of themselves and others through it. Yes, we may not make money and roll up in a Hummer due to it's art, however we will have a clearer knowledge of who we are and what is around us. This is an art that needs to be practiced, all the more in this day and age when we are so separated.

  • Absolutely it should!

    Poetry is another form of expression. In high school, children overwhelmingly feel overwhelmed and unable to describe and work through the new emotions they are feeling due to their changing hormones. If a child cannot express themselves verbally or physically, but finds great COMFORT and EASE in expressing themselves through poetic verse, who are we, as adults, to take that comfort, ease, and the skills necessary to write poetry away from those children in need?

  • Poetry should be taught in high school.

    Poetry is an important part of a literature curriculum. Students should be exposed to this form of art and they should be allowed to experiment with writing poetry, as well. Every society is measured by the extent to which it has high culture. Poetry is a crucial part of our cultural inheritance.

  • Because it's not fun

    Not fun boring in class I will never learn this again
    Not fun boring in class I will never learn this again
    Not fun boring in class I will never learn this again
    Not fun boring in class I will never learn this again
    Not fun boring in class I will never learn this again

  • Shouldn't be taught after primary

    Primary school has time for useless things like poetry. High school is more important and you need that class time to learn more important things. However, If I student personally wants to be taught poetry, It should be taught during lunch or something else. Poetry doesn't contribute to your future job. If you wanna write poems, It should only be a side hobby because you do not earn money from it.

  • It's unnecessary responsibility and schools have no business requiring it

    I don't hate poetry, And many arguments here are based on preference. I fully support the idea of optional extracurricular classes on poetry and other stuff like that, But I spent so much time learning what a haiku was just so I could never use it or remember it again. I wish I could have used that time to become more proficient in math and science, And not had the ACME safe of poetry looming above my head. I believe that subjects like this are to make school longer and function as a sort of daycare, Using up a student's time which could be better spent learning things and spending time with their family and friends, Instead of being too tired after class and homework to do anything. Yet we scratch our heads in confusion at the problem of unfulfillment in the US.

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  • Poetry wastes time!

    In school, We are being forced to write a set of poems for a grade. This is a waste of time and poetry is purely subjective. It makes no sense to learn it school when we could, As everyone else says, Spend it on actually useful topics like math, Science, Writing essays, Etc. In school we are often forced to "analyze" the meaning of poems, Which oftentimes actually have no meaning. We're being forced to find something that most likely is not there. If people like poetry, Then that's great for them. They can pursue it outside of school if they want, Like sports, Music, And other hobbies. But, Using time at school for poetry is otherwise an utter waste of time.

  • When do we use it

    When you're in high school you are forced to learn how to read and write poetry. In the real world you never use poetry. You never walk into your 9-5 job and your boss say, "Hey i need you to write this business report, But it has to be in a haiku. " no you will never use it so it shouldn't be taught past middle school

  • Poetry isn't beneficial

    Poetry creates unneeded issues for students, And the forced teaching of it can breed a hatred for it. Poetry is an opinion and often times when you are forced to break it down and explain it you'll have a different answer than someone else. This can lower your grade because the teacher will say you're wrong even if you just see the poetry in a different light. This in turn lowers deserving student's grades and stressing them out making them despise something they could otherwise love if it weren't taught.

  • Poetry is not going to help you in near future

    Since when does analysing the negative diction of a poem help in later life? If you are interested in that kind of stuff, Read it in your own time. Do you really think poets are writing so that bored high school students can write a essay in High School? I'm pretty sure that most poets aren't thinking of the effect of this metaphor when writing.

  • Poetry is stupid

    Why are we wasting time learning poems. People just state that this is how the writer feels when he may have meant it in another way. Rather learn something useful like maths or science or even anything that is productive. You teachers are wasting our time. Rather make it a subject you can choose if you really want to waste time and learn useless info that no body wants to hear in any conversations.

  • People here saying that it should or shouldn't be taught in school based on whether they like it or not.

    While that is an opinion, It is rationalizable, It has practically no use after school. For maths and those classes, They are used in engineering, Etc, Poetry on the other hand isn't used anywhere, Ergo it should not be drilled into the mind of a child that the red door meant the poet's 4th aunt had a sad face.

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