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  • It’s a fun game

    Kids have fun collecting trading and fighting with Pókémon and I know this because I am a kid so let me tell you another thing when you lose a pokemon match you don’t give your Pokémon cards to the other person the only time you give Pokémon cards is when trading and when you trade you get something equal or better back and it might build a team friend ship when fighting together so that will make it so students might play more and school might become a funner place so you kid play it at the school lobby recess or lunch or snack time

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  • It's not that bad

    See kids love to collect these cards and it feels unfair that they are band also I know why they were band cause apparently they are classified as toys for some dumb reason but yes they teach math which is something a lot of kids need to know and who cares if it doesn't teach education so what I mean they can be aloud at other times like when the student has finished all of his work but he doesn't want to read a book play games or stuff like that then he could get out his cards and the cards also teach reading cause you have to read the attacks and stuff and what is even more stupid is that at any time of the day accepting for free time or recess including morning and some times afternoon in middle school they take the dang things away

  • They should be allowed

    I think that Pokémon should be allowed at school because they help kids learn math, and help make new friends. This is good because if there is a kid, sitting looking at his/her cards during recess, and another kid sees him/her looking at them, the other kid might go and play with him, or trade. This is why I think that kids should be allowed to bring things like Pokémon to school

  • Yes they should

    The math needed in Pokemon cards is good for kids like me since i am just starting to do this in school Pokemon cards have subtruction like 50-30 in taking life from life or adding when a Pokemon heal other Pokemon so like 20 + 40 so how disagrees how

  • I've allowed love theses

    I've been collecting Pokemon cards since I was 7 years old 4,000 cards I've Been loving them because it has math. I love drawing the cute little creatures and but I don't trade as much because they want your big tuff guy for a little guy so I say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pókémon are very much good for children.

    I say this because it does in fact teach math, it lets them use their imagination, and during recess the teachers don't (or shouldn't) care what the hell those 10 year olds with colourful cards are doing. There is no reason why the fuck these kids shouldn't be able to play with them during recess.

  • Pokemon cards should not be allowed in schools.

    I believe that Pokemon cards should not be allowed in schools. They create such a huge distraction for kids. Plus, kids can get into argument about whose cards they belong to or what the best Pokemon cards are. Also, kids who are unable to afford them will feel bad if all their friends have cards and they don't.

  • They are gay

    We are all still a clump of cells. You are a clump of cells too. Just a bigger clump of cells and further along in the development. A zygote / fetus is the beginning stage of life after conception. You can call it a zygote or fetus or clump of cells but you STILL KNOW that if the pregnant woman didn't get an abortion, a BABY would be born in a few months and get to live their LIFE. No matter what stage of pregnancy you get an abortion, you are still ending a life. It is the ultimate form of bullying and child abuse to kill an innocent life just because they are smaller than you and can't fight back.

  • Do it - to teachers mostly

    What the freak why is it banned I have a shit load of cards and I enjoy playing the, with my best friend. Whoever banned these first is such a son of a shit bitch. They may be causing friendship shitting fucking problems but do you fucking know the shitty chances of the fucking thing happening? Whoever thought this was a good fucking asshole idea should be fired from their job. Allow those cards or I promise you will end up in a shit load if you don't unban them

  • I don't care

    Pokemon sucks alright mate, it is a really dumb thing that japan decided
    was OK. I personally don't care about this subject so i'm saying no to it OK mate. I also have no idea what Pokemon is 'bout OK mate I really don't care mate. Only 4 more words.

  • Lol ya ya

    I don't care, i do not like it it is bad for schools and i do not know 1 of the cards and we have no idea wat we are playing ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya

  • Oh hell no

    No math or education so it stupid and stuff. So no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid should learn and also have fun

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  • Lol no lol

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  • No Way Should Pokemon Cards be Allowed

    Pokemon cards cause a huge distraction in class. Students can be distracted from the Pokemon cards in their pockets or desk. They will probably keep on feeling their Pokemon cards, if they are super rare or strong. They might do this just because they are afraid someone will steal their cards. And at recess, some people battle other people without knowing how stronger the other person's cards are. The person with the weakest cards without even knowing the other person has stronger cards. Will lose in a short amount of time. The world is better off without Pokemon cards.

  • Pokemon cards are a distraction

    Students need to spend their time listening to their teacher, and to be focussed on their work not on the cards that are in their desk, or in their pockets. Pokemon cards also cause arguments that lead to problems in the schoolyard. These problems tend to linger after recess, and cause students to be distracted and to not pay attention or complete their class work. This means that kids have more homework.

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