Should Pokemon replace their mascot Pikachu with another Pokemon?

  • The Show Needs Lots of Changes

    A new mascot would be good but it's the least of all changes they need.

    Ash is still 10 years old and too much time has gone by for that to make any sense.

    Here's my solution: Have Ash grow up, get married to Misty, and become a Gym Leader or a Pokemon professor and make the tv show about his son.

  • Get Rid of Pikachu

    I believe that Pikachu should be replaced by a different pokemon I believe it should change every generation. I believe that it should change to the current generations starters. Sadly I doubt they would change it because lets be honest hes basically been permanently ingrained into the franchise. So trying to change it might be impossible.

  • Pikachu maybe mascot, but jigglypuff is much better than pikachu and can be the answer and rival to Nintendo's kirby

    Pikachu maybe mascot, but jigglypuff is much better than pikachu and can be the answer and rival to Nintendo's kirby. Jigglypuff didn't get its own story and also should get a chance to explore. Too much pikachu, not enough Jigglypuff. So I wish can make more appearances and have more fame than pikachu

  • Pikachu is getting stale.

    Pokemon has been popular for centuries and Pikachu has been there since. I would like Alakazam being the mascot because Alakazam is really popular and everyone that likes pokemon knows him. So make it Alakazam please Nintendo. If you do, I will stop hating on Pikachu forever and ever to come.

  • Pikachu is getting stale

    In the start of Generation 7, Pokemon could have a new mascot because Pikachu had his time. Top 10 mascots that could replace Pikachu.

    10. Squirtle
    Squirtle is so popular and one of Ash's main pokemon. Squirtle is also cute and want to choose him as a starter.

    9. Meowth
    Meowth is a pet. Meowth was also with Ash for Black and White and X and Y. Cats are also cute.

    8. Greninja
    Greninja has a spot in Super Smash Bros. And also is one of Ash's pokemon in the present time.

    7. Mewtwo
    Mewtwo is one of the most awesome pokemon of all time. Boys and Girls can identify his fame and power.

    6. Gengar and Alakazam
    These both are my favorite of all time. Gengar is so popular while Alakazam is getting fame in the Fates Collide TCG set. Also, people like psychics. Gengar has a spot in Pokken Tournament.

    5. Jolteon
    This pokemon is the same type as Pikachu, this is also a pet to care for.

    Like Jolteon, this pokemon is a pet to care for and it's more cuter than Pikachu.

    3. Jigglypuff
    Jigglypuff is so popular it is even the Pikachu replacement of all time!

    2. Charizard
    Charizard is one of the most popular pokemon ever it can be the mascot.

    1. Lucario
    People say Lucario should be the mascot is a great idea. Ash should catch it in the Alola Region and make Pokemon more and more and more popular.

  • Goodbye Ash and Pikachu

    I admit, I don't hate Ash and Pikachu. I think, though, that they have both been mascots for too long. There are many other Pokémon that need more attention in the series. Seriously, there are so many other Pokémon that need to be noticed more, yet Pikachu is still the mascot. Also, accept it. Ash and Pikachu have been mascots for too long.

    In fact, I believe that Ash and Pikachu would've been better off gone after season one. It would've been better if Ash had won at Indigo Plateau, and when it moved on to a new region, it would set up a new character with new Pokémon and a new personality. We would still see Ash and Pikachu from time to time, yet not so much in which they have gone stale.

    Personally, what I'm hoping to see happen is that in Kalos, Ash becomes the champion. He finally reaches the top tier of Pokémon trainers, and his dreams are fulfilled. Ash's story would end here, but it wouldn't be over. As mentioned in the last paragraph, come Generation VII, there would be a new protagonist to the anime that would last for the whole region. This way, we would be able to enjoy the anime experience more with completely new characters and more focus on other Pokémon, because seriously, shouldn't the new generation focus more on a starter from that generation instead of a Pikachu that's been there since the beginning?

  • Kill pikachu pikachu if too fat

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  • Its too late for that now

    It's nice to see somebody's quest with wins and losses. If Ash won the indigo league, it would have been unrealistic in the slightest. Honestly, Pikachu is already too popular to abandon that idea. A few years ago, sure. But now? Too late. Pokémon would start losing popularity with the absence of the reason we watch the show. Besides, Ash and Pikachu pretty much start fresh every region, so it balances out that way. Less pokemon with you = more room to make new friends. :)

  • Pik Pika Pik = No!

    Let us bow to tradition and the glories of electric mice.

    Pancakes for Pikachu. You have to admit, it's cute when Pikachu scarfs down food.

    I've seen Ash scaling a vertical rock wall, carrying Pikachu in a backpack, and even though Ash is doing all the work, Pika has drops of sweat coming out of his forehead. You have to laugh.....

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