• Sure, why not?

    Poker machines are called one-armed bandits for a reason. They are pretty much fraud disguised as a game. They should be banned to protect the people from getting scammed by the casinos. They are also physiologically manipulative and exploit people's addictions in order to turn a profit for the casinos.

  • It is a joke !

    Honestly, Australia has become a joke, and we are embarrassing to the world. Australia holds one third of the worlds poker machines. Families are being destroyed, our economy is in ruins, suicide statistics have soared to record levels. So how stupid is our Politian's ? Stupid to the tea ! I am almost 50 this year, and to honestly tell the truth, life was much better in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. There was much more life, family and friends were more close to each other. Look us now ? 80% of Australian are miserable, divorce rates, break ups have hit record levels. No body wants to go out and have a normal night out. Its all about pubs and clubs now, and congratulations Australia, let us keep scratching our heads and wonder why we are where we are today. Ban the whole damn thing from A-Z

  • Just keep Crown open

    Get the pokies venues out of the suburbs - they are many and close to each other - making it so much harder for a person to quit. Just keep them at the Crown in the city. People are loosing too much money which could be better spent in other areas and improve small businesses and the economy in general. Pokie machines are made to make money for their owners - so of course odds are against the player - they are rigged!

  • Ban poker machines

    Easy access to gambling hijacks vulnerable individuals, fragment families and will syphon community spirit and deaden any growth or prosperity.
    To fix and support these broken individuals and repair families and communities will ultimately create more of financial burden for Australia and our tax payers.
    The government needs to reset its moral and ethical compass.
    People should come before profit!

  • They are rigged, and ruthless

    The poker machines are rigged. They are designed using millions of dollars into making people spend their money to a point where they don't realise how much they have lost. Not long ago, Crown Casino was busted for not giving back the appropriate billings that people should be supposedly getting back 80% of the time. Plus, they are addictive. People should be more aware of the problems they bring to our society.

  • YOU SHALL lose your money!

    The odds of winning are 1 in 7,000,000.
    You cannot keep control of it, you will lose your money.
    You're told it goes to charity, but most of it goes to the government
    Addictions are bad, they make you lose your money
    Tv is wrong about how it looks so good

  • 100% to be banned

    I’d literally give up my life if it banned the machines
    Yeh yeh yeh all that bullshit of people losing their jobs is just an excuse even if they did I am sure they’d find something else to do
    100% ban or the we the public will have to do something about it

  • It is making people poor

    The average problem gambler loses $12,000 each year and there are 330,000 problem gamblers out there that lose their money everyday
    It should not be banned but just maybe we only have a certain amount of machines in certain places so people can learn to control themselves would be Great.

  • Gambling is an addictive tool allowing the strong and powerful to prey on the weak

    There are many people (myself included) who are not vulnerable to the addictive qualities of gambling and in particular pokies.
    But many are and in championing free choice for responsible adults is sidestepping the fact that for many gambling taps into a part of them that is not free choice - the compulsive and addictive part. A just society can never tolerate allowing the strong to prey on the weak, profiting from their vulnerability. We already recognize this with drugs so its not a new argument. Pokies are a scourge that need to be eradicated.

  • It's a cancer

    In every corner of every street there is is pokkies and it's the only place thats open till 4 am even 6 am on Friday and Saturday in Chatswood NSW
    And it's so easy to get into a VIP lounge (VIP!!!! Nothing VIP about it)
    So they Close bottle shops at 10 pm and you can get booze at the VIP place till 6 am the following following day ! Somebody give me a brain please.
    Also to exclude yourself from a gambling you have to do it one by one !!! Why isn't there a way of excluding oneself from gambling in all clubs in the state !?
    And why there is a maximum of 36 months why isn't there an unlimited ban from gambling and why isn't there a card that you have to obtain in order to gamble ? And if you ban yourself you simply can't get that card and why gambling machine are easily accessible why isn't it separated with a gate and a security???
    Why why why why
    They want that money badly that the government is happy even if thousands are losing there minds / families/ suiciding/ and etc

  • You can ban yourself or face a $550 fine

    If you feel you have a problem their is a program called self exclusion. This allows you to still enter the premises but effectively bans you from the gaming area of the club or pub in the premises you originally went to and surrounding and partnering premises as well. This is to ensure that gambling addicts can get the help they need. It is compousley for clubs to offer this service if you ask for it. See clubsafe

  • Freedom to bet.

    If you don't like poker machines, don't gamble on them. If there are gambling addicts, the government should fund more addiction treatment programs from the taxes raised from poker machines. Normal, moderate gamblers should have the freedom to gamble responsibly. If poker machines are to be banned then why not ban cigarettes or alcohol.

  • Poker machines make our lives possible.

    The money that goes into the poker machines goes straight to the government, making our lives possible. We wouldn't have the education we have now if poker machines weren't here. People can be addicted to these things but it helps them relief stress, so think of it this way... Its for our the generations to come.

  • No government should be able to ban such things.

    Gambling is kind of stupid when you use a little logic. However, the last time I checked there is no law anywhere against people wasting their money. With the absence of the ability to make bad decisions, no one would have the ability to make good decisions. There would only be the choice to submit to another.

  • Gambling is not bad.

    Poker machines should not be banned in Australia because there is nothing wrong with gambling. Some people take it to extremes and develop a gambling addiction, but the same could be said for a lot of things. In moderation though, it is not a bad thing and actually helps some people to relax and relieve stress.

  • No, they shouldn't

    I really don't think there is anything inherently evil in regards to poker, poker machines, or gambling in general. Sure, there are some people who can't control themselves, but banning a poker machine will not save that person from themselves. Gambling generates money for the state, and is a good thing.

  • Poker machines offer more entertainment.

    While the debate on gambling rages on across the globe as more and more facilities are opened up to gambling one should not deter from the amusement of the many to the downfall of the few. Poker machines can offer entertainment to those who use them properly. There is no major difference between a poker machine and a pinball machine except you are rewarded for playing the poker machine if you win big!

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Anonymous says2013-03-19T20:09:32.707
Poker Machines should not be banned in Australia. Australians work hard for their money and they should be free to do anything they want with it even if it involves gambling it away. While gambling leads to social problems restrictions on personal freedom should be avoided because citizens of Australia should be free to do whatever they want with what they earned as long as it doesn't harm another individual. I think the government can regulate and tax the gambling industry but cannot ban it outright.