Should Poland get back it’s historic eastern territories in return for the historic German territories?

Asked by: ShadyJesus
  • Should Poland get back it’s own historic borders in return for giving Germany back it’s land?

    If you look at old maps the pre WW2 borders were as historic as it gets. Prussia still existed, And the eastern borders of the Holy Roman Empire were restored. Poland gained back it’s independence and also got their historic land. After WW2 Poland used the weakness of the DDR to annex a lot of their territory. The Soviets did the same with Königsberg. But the Soviets also stole a ton of the eastern Polish territory which has not been returned to this day. What is your opinion? Should the borders be peacefully shifted back or stay how they are?

  • Definitely not, It doesn't make very much sense.

    The areas ceded to Poland from Germany are now entirely populated with Poles, And it would be unfair to put them under German rule in exchange for territory inhabited by Belarusians and Ukrainians. If having a large disenfranchised minority in 2 countries can be avoided, Then it should be avoided.

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