Should police and police departments be held significantly more accountable?

  • Absolutely, they should be held more accountable.

    It seems these days that they can even get away with murder without even losing as much of a day's pay. They can kill an unarmed civilian and they go on a paid vacation while their department conducts an "investigation" and then it turns out their department says they acted appropriately. The court system is just a joke on its own. It seems whoever has the most money can buy justice and if you wear a badge you are exempt from committing a crime. There's just simply nobody there to police the police. If the people who enforce laws don't abide by them then how do you expect anyone else to?

  • Law enforcement officers shouldn't be held accountable

    They shouldn't not one bit. Law enforcement officers are trained to do what is right. People shouldn't be doing illegal things in the first place. If you attack or try to commit harm to a Law enforcement officer better believe they'll do something to defend themselves. Read the state statutes and put youself in the law enforcement officers shoes.

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