Should police be able to tell their side of the story?

  • Cops have a tough job, and should be allowed to tell their side of the story.

    By allowing cops to tell their side of the story, it opens the scope of looking into what really happened, and makes it easier to figure out which side is to be believed, and would thereby cut down on the number of charges being put against cops. Also, it would make it clear who was or wasn't telling the truth, if one gets the drift.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Police should be able to tell their side of the story

    Being a police officer is hard enough, and they should be allowed like everyone else to tell their side of their story. Many people have a bad misconception of police officers, but most of them are doing a great job protecting its citizens. There are a few that abuse their power, but being a police officer is a very stressful job with many dangerous situations that one could get into.

  • Yes, both sides should be heard.

    Of course we have heard many stories of police brutality and they are sometimes true. Today we also have video tapes that show some of these instances. However, it is true that if you are not in the situation you can not truly understand what has gone on and there is an insolence among young people especially so police need to be given their say.

  • Media reporting biased

    I think they should because everyday whether it is in the newspaper or on TV police are made to be the bad guy. Because they are not allowed to tell their side of the story. Police are out there to help not to make peoples lives miserable. The complaintant could be lying,.

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