Should police be allowed to physically discipline children?

  • Non-police parents physically discipline their kids

    My dad was a banker and he always spanked me from the day I turned 7 until I was 10 whenever I spoke or acted out of line; at the time I resented him greatly for that but now I see how it made me a better person, it taught me some respect and obedience, so that isn't just limited to police.

  • Very young children can fail and have many problem

    Police need to solve children to help children to solve the problem. Physical discipline does not teach children a lesson. Their goal is to make children understand. Understanding is very important for children. Treat them increasingly is the right way. It is good to built relationship between police and children.

  • Cops are people too

    If it's wrong for a regular person to do, it's wrong for a cop to do. Physically disciplining children is not an effective teaching technique - it's immoral. As long as our society maintains the tradition of using violence to attempt to modify behavior we will continue to see violence as a result.

  • Police brutality

    Never mind children, police should not be allowed to "physically discipline" anyone. It is their place to protect the people and enforce the laws, however, it is not their place to actually punish crime. Police must do only what is required to stop crime and detain criminals. The actual discipline is the responsibility of the legal system.

  • Police Have More Important Things to Worry About

    It's not the job of police to punish children for their misdeeds. That's the job of parents. If a child is charged with a crime, then it becomes a judge or jury who punishes the child for breaking the law. Police should only intervene if lives are at stake. If a kid has a gun and is about to kill people, then unfortunately the police officer should intervene simply to save lives and nothing else.

  • It's Not An Officers Job To Discipline a Child

    No, police should not be allowed to physically discipline children. The training that police officers receive is primarily geared toward the adult offender. They are trained to intervene in adult situations. The training they receive and the behaviors they are subjected to on a daily basis require them to respond on a level far more aggressive than what should be used on children. Police officers should not be placed in roles requiring them to perform at levels they are not specifically trained for.

  • No, police physically disciplining children is over the line

    I don't believe police officers should be permitted to physically discipline children because it would cause a number of legal problems, along with ethical dilemmas. Parents, if anybody, should be the only people allowed to physically discipline their children, so long as it is within the bounds of reason and the law.

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