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  • Police need to be able to help the community from threats

    If the community was in harms way, who could help? If the police were trying to help save someone who was being ambushed, they can't say "Watch out! We are armed!" without having a weapon to protect themselves and the victim fully from the assault group, the group would continue attacking unless they saw a threat against them.

  • They use use deadly force

    Too many police face extreme danger due to the majority of criminals resisting questioning/arrest. Without a supported police force (by joe public), crime will continually increase. The UK's punishment system is also the most lenient in the world and the criminals know this and subsequently take advantage. Support our fantastic & underpaid police force.

  • Police should use more force

    Police should use more force than they should its redicules I don't no why they don't do that it's because the worlds gone soft they should just exarcute criminals Australia should have a leader like Donald trump he what's to make the world grate he will be the man that will be the president

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  • Yes cops should be able to use deadly force

    In some cases cops have to use deadly force because sometimes the taser just doesnt work on people. Especially if they are on some kind of drug like PCP they will not stop for a taser because they will not feel it. It is also the officers job to protect his community so if someone is going around shooting people they should have to right to shoot back because if a guy has a gun they have the range and the upper hand on the officers if they are forced to use a taser

  • I wanna Become an officer

    I believe that officers should be allowed to use deadly force because what are these officers suppose to do if they go to a scene where the suspect has a gun and we dont have any because we dont have a gun. The suspect can and maybe will take full advantage of that situation and just shoot everyone down.

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  • Felons use deadly force against police and other citizens

    Criminals routinely use deadly force against police officers. You just have to watch dash cam video footage of police officers being shot during traffic stops to begin to understand what they are up against. Criminals attempt to murder cops on a daily basis in this country, and all too frequently cops die in the course of their duties. When suspects refuse to comply with lawful demands of police officers, they must be ready to use sufficient force to compel them to comply. When the suspect pulls a knife or wields some other deadly weapon, the officer must use deadly force quickly to prevent his own death and the deaths the criminal may commit after killing the officer. Citizens often complain that police are not doing their jobs when violent criminals commit felony assaults against them. Yet somehow these same citizens, who are unable and/or unwilling to oppose these violent criminals, voice outrage when officers use deadly force against these same thugs.
    Again, watch the videos of non-compliant suspects who are able to surprise the officers with hidden weapons or sheer brute force, often maiming or killing the cops before they can employ their sidearms. Those not killed are often crippled and unable to work after such attacks. This is why officers are trained to use overwhelming force against suspects who refuse to follow their lawful commands. These brave men and women willingly place themselves in harm's way in order to prevent thugs from harming the rest of us. But they are not superhuman; bullets don't bounce off of them, knives don't bend against their skin. And violent crooks don't give up when told to do so, unless they face deadly force from police (and often not even then). It is absurd to expect cops to enforce the law without the authority to use deadly force when necessary.

  • Of course they should

    Most cops are good people who choose to risk their lives every day for people they don't even know. If someone is going to harm or kill the cop or someone else they should be allowed to eliminate the threat and protect them selves and other people. Who matters more-- a cop who risks his life for civilians and the innocent civilians around him or a thug who assaults a cop? If you charge a cop than sad day for you. Aim for the central body mass. If you don't the charging person will probably get to you and cause you harm. You can't aim for a limb because they're small and moving. If someone is armed and a threat You should kill them because if they are injured they can still harm people

  • Never in any situation

    Police should be forced to retreat from any situation just as any other civilian. Police officers make a bad situation worse when they arrive and usually are the reason the person completes that act they are threatening.

    I would even favor officers only carrying less lethal weapons and reserving deadly weapons for specialized trained officers, i.e. sniper. Officers have forgotten how to communicate and utilize fighting skills to calm a situation. Have officers train in martial arts and if they cannot prove themselves then they cannot pin on a badge.

    I've heard officers say, "I'm not paid to risk my life." Sorry but to protect and serve means your life before someone else if necessary. That's why we call you heroes!

  • I don't think police officers should be allowed to use deadly force.

    True, it may be argued that in some cases where killing is happening, a police offer ought to have the right to kill the man/woman who is killing other people and refusing to cooperate with the police but... what happens if that person is in a temporary moment of mental difference? What if that person is not himself/herself at the moment? I think there should be more research/work into effective stun/incapacitating weapons.

  • There's just no point to it, it's counter-intuitive.

    Use of non-lethal measures (like tasers, tranquilisers, rubber ammunition, pressurised gases, etc) allows a terrorist/criminal to be taken in for questioning, which could yield possibly life-saving intelligence. Recharging a Taser battery is less costly than manufacturing live ammunition. Sure, lethal weapons generally have a faster rate of fire, meaning the police forces would be at a disadvantage if using non-lethal weapons, but this could be countered by wearing armour (as many police forces already do).

  • Police put emotions over duty, and why kill a person when they can live?

    Officers can put emotions over duty. If a cop is scared of being shot and so forth they will shoot. There ARE other options. Such as, Tazers, Rubber bullets, and Tranquilizer darts. In the other hand, if you put too much power to a Tazer, or Tazer someone too many times they will die. Still, using deadly force isn't always necessary. Cops are supposed to make civilians feel safe, but if they are killing people left and right, do you think we feel safe?

  • I see no reason for it.

    Why use deadly force when we have rubber bullets and bean bags. These are not typically deadly, they will break bones, and stop anyone. There is no reason not to use them. I don't know about you but when some power crazed red neck points a gun at you, and you know that one little gesture or accidental slip by that officer. You are dead, its not to great of a feeling. I would not want to be hit with a rubber bullet or bean bag that would hurt extremely, but it sure beats hot lead.

  • No there is nothing accopmlished

    When police using lethal force they usual claim that the person that they killed was trying to threaten them. Well if they were trying to threaten you then use your tazer. They are always finding exuses to kill inocent people and it acomplishes absolutly nothing we need to retrain our police and teach them how to protect people instead of kill them.

  • Police should not use deadly force.

    Unless if it's necessary, then police shouldn't use deadly force. Plus, police don't have the right to use deadly force under the 2nd amendment which protects the rights of people for the right to bear arms. There should never be a situation where a police officer needs to use deadly force on others than themselves.

  • Police are supposed to be good

    If a police goes right in a middle of a fight with a deadly weapon people think he's going to do some type of trick but in reality he just shoote's down the person 2 minutes later he checke's if he's ok when the ambulance comes he is already dead.

  • Black people MATTER

    Black lives matter black lives matter black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people black people

  • Protect and serve

    Police should carry bean bag guns. It can easily subdue a person without lethal force. Now if police officers find them selfs in a hostage situation or a terrorist attack then they should be authorized to us deadly force. Their jobs are to protect the people not kill the people. If a person is acting stupid toward a cop instead of shooting them dead just knock them out with a bean bag.

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