Should police be aloud to play a minor in chat rooms an arrest the men they speak to an meet

Asked by: Lonewolf82
  • Police have the right to pretend to be minors to catch child pedators.

    Why do people think that child sex offenders should treated equally? Should we allow our children to be sexually exploited on the internet? Mothers who tries to protect their children for child sex offenders would be arrested of a hate crime and children would be helpless and defenseless.

    Equality for child sex offenders? That's what NAMBLA and B4U-ACT wants. UNICEF who advocates for child rights and to end child marriage would be forced to remain silent or they'll lose their funding.

    The Police have the right to disguise themselves as under-aged children to catch child predators. I know it's against the right to privacy, but it's the law to protect children from being sexually exploited on the internet Remove the police and your children will be sexually exploited on the internet.

  • There Are Police Who are Criminals

    There was a cop in the town I used to live in who was a nuissance to the whole town. He stalked people like mad in his police car. My gf said he freaked her out a lot. Well, she told me to watch. We stepped outside and here he came around the corner crawling by. She said,"See?"
    It kept happening. Anywhere we went, there he was. And he was very vocal and judgemental towards "lawbreakers". Now we weren't breaking any laws. Well one day a big broohawhaw filled the town. It turned out the cop had beaten a 16 year old boy almost to death while holding a gun to his head. He was put on probation, taken to court, lost, and lost his job.

    It all came out later. He used some device provided by the police department that allowed police to know if a house was occupied before raiding it. He used it to stalk girls. My girlfriend was one of them. Before he was fired, I spotted him strangely in our presence about 40 times in a few months. He stopped us twice with no reason.

    It gets worse. About 2 months later he was convicted on rape first degree of a minor 13 years old. Later in life he went to prison for murder.
    Should cops have that kind of power? Not in a million years. Can we monitor them?

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