• If they aren't, then lives are in danger.

    I don't really believe that policemen should be carrying massive machine guns facing right at the public, this can make Britain look very crime filled and can be displeasing so think you could be dead in a matter of seconds. But think, if there is an armed criminal, innocent people and policemen lives are in danger until the armed police men come. I think so they are not carrying AK-47s around, maybe they can just have a pistol in the glove compartment of the car. Also police shouldn't shoot people because they think somebody did something. If they are going to shoot someone they should only take someone's life because they have taken somebody else's.

  • Yes I do

    I think that the police anywhere need to be armed in order to effectively serve and protect. The same goes for in Great Britain. Now it does not have to be guns that they are armed with, but I think that they should have some sort of weapon so that they can bring down the bad guys.

  • Should police be armed in Britain?

    I think they should because obviously there are some idiots in Britain who would attack and kill the police and or others, so the police should be able to defend the same way some people can attack!
    I know the American police have many problems with their guns but if the residents in America can legally carry guns then the police should.

  • They won't get there in time.

    Gun and knife laws are stupid, criminals won't follow the gun laws so decent people should have the right to defend themselves. In my opinion this is stupid, why waste money buying police guns when you could buy one for your self which is alot more reliable than police getting there ten minutes later when your brains are all over the walls.

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