• Police should be paid more because they protect us and the job is high risk.

    Police should be paid more because they are the people who keep us safe, could die everyday, and without them the world would be filled with murderers. They keep us safe by locking up murders, thefts, and more criminals. Being a police officer is a high risk job, everyday they are out there protecting us they could get killed. Without police officers the world would not be as a safe place.

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  • So so ignorant.

    The no's to the right- Ignorance. To say that anyone could be a police officer, CLEARLY indicates to me that the "no" group have wore a shield on their chest. I have been with the NYPD for eighteen years. I have seen it all. I have been in shooting, I have been hurt. There have been many long days away from my family. I rarely spend time with them on the holidays. I could go on for ever. But let me say this. It's the best career in the world. However, it's no joke. At any moment, I can save alife, take a life and lose my life. Find me aanother job like that.

  • Normally, by the time they get to a situation, the danger is over.

    If they go to a bank being robbed, how many times are the robbers still there? None. Most situations any dangerous issue either over or one person left. But than you have the gun ho cops that create their own danger by taunting someone or pulling a gun for no reason which I saw in a McDonalds restaurant because a man was just sitting there probably to get warm. There was no reason to pull a gun on the man since he was leaving but they still threw him down on the ground and arrested him for loitering I was told later. Good job Montgomery County Maryland Police. He looked as dangerous as a 90 year old grandmother.

  • I say no.

    To be a cop doesn't require much; just about anyone can be a cop, and from experience, a lot of them aren't that smart. Cops don't need to be smart, they question, they just need to be fit, to take down someone if need be. Besides, most of the time cops write tickets and do paperwork, which isn't dangerous at all.

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