• Mogadore Ohio ROGUE COPS busted.

    Officers John Josef and chief Higgins are two of the first rogues in Mogadore to come under scrutiny. They face numerous charges and monetary/ jail time fines. Court is in process of exposing crime ring. Both officers facing maximum penalties. It is a good idea to steer clear of this village until these criminals can be dealt with.

  • Rogue cops need taken down!!!

    Just like the fine for speeding in a school zone is doubled, ROGUE COPS should face double or triple punishment. They are sworn to protect and serve not seek and attack. Cops in Mogadore Ohio are finding out the hard way that criminals with a badge is a bad way to go. More to follow when they get their punishment handed down. Millions in dollars and years in jail are predicted. Cannot wait to see them fall!!

  • yes, they should.

    A police officers job is to serve and protect. Not to serve and protect and to beat up people they don't like or to serve and protect the people who make the most money or the people who dress well or the people who look the most like them , or think like them.

  • Yes, i agree.

    The police should be terminated for physically assaulting citizens. This is because some police have made it a habit. They aught to be terminated to give them discipline. This should also serve as a warning to the rest of the police to ensure they treat the citizens in the right manner.

  • Yes, their job is to protect and serve.

    Police officers exist to protect and serve the people. There are very few circumstances in which physically assaulting citizens would be justified and in line with that purpose. Police officers need to be held accountable and be shown that they are not above the law. Police officers themselves need to speak out against their fellow officers who have physically assaulted or shot citizens unjustifiably, and the rest of the citizens need to do so as well.

  • Yes, police should be terminated for physically assaulting citizens.

    Yes, police should be terminated for physically assaulting citizens because their job is to protect. If they are caught doing something that might harm a citizen, they should be fired and face jail time. We are supposed to trust police officers, and if they do not do their jobs, we cannot trust them anymore.

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