• How else can they protect you?

    All people should be able to own guns, But especially police officers. If the bad guys have guns, How else can the police officers protect you? They will have no authority. I know that some people should not be trusted with guns, But if they have already become a police officer and gone through that process, They are probably trustworthy. All people have the right to defend themselves, But police officers need the right to defent the citizens.

  • Police should carry guns. As should every citizen.

    Armed deterrence is more effective than the fabricated assumption of peace. Police should also be spending more time in live training exercises to get them as comfortable as possible with stress and the responsibility of carrying in public. Guns are tools, Any tool not handled in an appropriate manner is dangerous.

  • Officers of the peace shouldn't have the power to kill you

    Why don't the police always use tasers or pepper spray instead of firing live handgun rounds the instant a suspect draws a gun or knife? It would affect any friends and family they might have who didn't do anything wrong? How would loosing your mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Husband or wife not be guilty by association? And the victims of police shootings also recieve capital punishment before they can make the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to an innocence presuming jury of 12 and often even for crimes that the death penalty would be unconstitutional for even if the police shooting victim was able to take his (or possibly her) case to trial.

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