• Yes they should

    They are risking their lives all ready with weapons. Just the other day a cop in NYC was killed by a thug. They risk their lives to protect us so of course they deserve safety. If they didn't have guns criminals would kill even more cops and commit more crimes, knowing that the police wouldn't be able to do anything.

  • Is this even a question?

    Is this even a question? Well how would police deal with crimes? Punch people in the face? If someone has a knife, that policeman is almost certainly going to be injured at the very least. You need to be a US marine at the very least to defeat a man with a gun without having any sort of weapon of your own.

  • If police won't carry weapons then who would. ?

    It's important for police to carry weapons for safety of citizens. Weapons are needed in cases of emergencies to handle the situation. Weapons carried by police are one of the reasons citizens feel secured. How can they feel safe if policemen walk bare handed ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • This is a hard question

    Half of me agrees, and half of me doesn't. It would be saving lives of other for police to use weapons on criminals who also have weapons, whereas there have been many times where police have been reckless with their weapons and have used it for a different use. D

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