• They absolutely should

    Police corruption is less likely to take place when people are both made aware of it and show that they are. Criminals have no reason to stop committing crimes when they know it doesn't matter if they get caught. The media needs to cover these stories, to bring attention to and deter future crimes.

  • Yes, police corruption needs more exposure to the public.

    I think any news regarding police corruption should receive massive amounts of media attention. Police corruption is just morally and ethically wrong. The media needs to make the public very aware of the statistics so they can put pressure on their local government officials to investigate any alleged issues of corruption.

  • When regular people commit crime; police catches them, but when police gets corrupted who is gonna catch them?

    This is a significant issues in societies that some law enforcement staffs take advantage of their social rank and do illegal stuffs. Stuffs like: Committing crime, drug dealing, extortion, drunk driving, and so on...
    This is why it is better to give more attention to corrupted police officers in media.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I do think that it would do the nation a lot of good if the police that were corrupt were brought out in the public eye, and that they were seen by the whole nation, so that they would not want to ever do it again because of this.

  • No, the media isn't responsible

    I think it is important to raise awareness of this, but not through the media. The media cannot be trusted to not blow things out of proportion. The awareness should be raised through local communities that have problems with police corruption. This will bring communities together to solve the problems.

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