• If it helps...

    Yes I think that police departments should use Google Glass if it helps them do their jobs better. Police departments should not learn to rely on something like that though. They should be able to do just fine with out Google Glass, but if it helps them do their job better then yes they should use it.

  • Watched people behave

    Watched people behave - this is something that is widely agreed upon and widely studied. When people know they are being watched in the moment, they behave more as they should. Dashcams for police cars reduced instances of police abuse at traffic stops, and Google glass is an extension of this.

  • Defiantly, once they are out of Beta test stages and fully operational,

    I think it could have some positive favorable outcomes for Law Enforcement and Military. I tried these glasses on through a friend that is beta testing them. There is a lot of potential for future endeavors such as maybe SWAT Teams or Mit Team having Schematics to a building before entering, processing Identification through Data bases instantaneous without calling in and waiting for Operators. If they can make a Ballistic and battle hardened Google Glass to withstand tough environments or fights then that could be useful. The current ones are flimsy and thin. Additionally, Driving Laws will have to be changed to accommodate operating a device while driving a vehicle. Possibly take a course that gives you some sort of certificate for driving with them on proving your ability to multitask and not cause accidents. That would be my only fallacy to the product, that too many people would be looking up reviewing information while driving and cause accidents.

  • It takes too long to get a camera out

    Yes they should; say they need photographic evidence for something. They might not have enough time to take a picture of something with a camera, having to wait for it to boot up etc. However, if they had google glasses on, they would have immediate access to a camera giving them the evidence without fail. It is also much more convenient for an officer, being able to hold a gun and arrest a person, while being able to record evidence that could be used.

  • The public doesn't trust it.

    No, police departments should not use Google Glass, because there are currently too many concerns about privacy. The police department acts with the support of the public. Right now, the public is very skeptical of Google glass. Law enforcement should find other methods to enforce the law and care for the public good, that the people have more faith in.

  • No, Google Glass is too distracting.

    Google Glass, to me, seems like it would be very distracting to police as they go about their duties. It's like wearing a computer on your face. I think it's less distracting to have a tablet or citation book; something which can be held and put down as needed. There are already often cameras in their cars, so there's really no need to use Google Glass.

  • Police Don't Need Google Glass

    In reality, police departments don't need Google Glass right now. The cost far outweighs the benefits for law enforcement. The average agency already uses a large amount of technology on a regular basis. Therefore, they shouldn't invest in Google Glass at this point in time because it's far too costly.

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