Should police enforce checkpoints for illegal guns?

  • Saving Children in Miami Gardens

    In light of current events in Florida where kids are being murdered while sleeping inside their houses, I believe that the only solution is the confiscation of illegal firearms.

    I really do not see another solution. The Constitution could be amended, so legality is not the big issue because police only attempted to confiscate illegal weapons.

    People who own guns legally are not the ones causing these shootings affecting kids even when they are asleep at home. Bullets are going through walls and hitting kids. What else needs to happen for politicians to step forward? Not all of them are drug addicts!

    I do not see politicians trying to fix this problem. Cities like Hallandale and Miami Gardens resemble war zones.

  • Checkpoints are an Invasion of Privacy

    Any police checkpoint is a dangerous invasion of privacy. The right to privacy and freedom is one of the basic tenets that the United States was founded on, and people used to be frightened and angered at the thought of a nation where one could be stopped and harassed by police just for walking down the street. Unfortunately this is all to common now, and allowing for checkpoints and searches increases this problem.

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