• Yes they should

    Yes I think that we should have to allow the police Forced to be Armed as well because it can make the police forces even safer than and of course to protect the citizens ok and they should have to allow the police forces to be armed ok ok bye

  • As They Are

    I believe the current police uniform, with firearm, is appropriate for the job that they do. I do not believe officers should be expected to go out in the field without a firearm, but I do not think their position should grant them instant immunity. I also believe one firearm suffices and they shouldn't need anything more powerful.

  • If The Population Is Armed

    It would not make much sense if police officers did not have armed weapons but the general population does. You can't really chase down a armed suspect with a Billy Club and expect the outcome to be good. Even in countries where guns are banned for the most part, they still have units that carry armed weapons.

  • Police Forces Shoud be Armed

    Modern police forces are in a world where violence and danger are more present than they were at any point in our past. To be able to handle tense and often violent environments, police officers should be armed. The cases of officers providing safety to the public with their weapons far outweighs the negatives of officer misconduct.

  • Yes, the police need to be armed to do their jobs and survive

    Yes, police forces should be armed. The police often have to confront and subdue criminals who use military-grade weaponry. They would be unable to do that job if they were unarmed themselves. Even armed, the police risk serious injury or death on a daily basis. If we disarmed them, we would be putting them at a tremendous disadvantage and asking them to shoulder unacceptable risks.

  • No, they should not be.

    I do not think police forces should be armed. Reason being? More people get killed. Now, in a place like the United States, where there's too many guns floating around, cops probably need them. But if we are to get guns out of the public, police would have little use for them.

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