• Yes, on the street not just driving by.

    The only police I ever see are those rushing by in cars to get somewhere else. I think it would be good to have neighborhood policemen who are walking the streets, ones you can just talk to if there is a problem. They would know the neighborhood and be able to know if there is a problem area. They would possibly be able to defuse situations rather than wait for them to escalate when they get out of hand. I liked the old days of police walking their beat, the police then were friends in the neighborhood, if a child was out of hand the policeman on the block could talk with the parents directly and things were often resolved better than they are now. It would be a hard transition to go back to that, but we were better off and safer than we are today. A policeman in a car is not really seen as someone you can approach, it would be good to go back to police who are approachable and seen as a part of the community.

  • Crime is already rampant.

    I think that police presence should be increased to deter crime. I know it's not always practical to increase numbers, but I still think it should happen. I work in the news, so I hear about every street crime that happens in my city, and it's just obnoxious. It won't be easy, but it definitely should happen.

  • Police Should Have a Greater Street Presence

    Police should have greater street presence. I feel that this was once the case and in more recent years this has declined. In most instances and communities the sight of of police officer on duty stands out in the public. The public needs to be aware of the police officer's presence for two reasons. The feeling of a far more secure community as well as the stamina it creates with the criminal element.

  • There are enough police.

    If we were to put more police out on the streets, there would be bad consequences. There may not be enough police out there to put more in every town and city, especially in the city. If there aren't enough police, people would have to quit their job to become police. If police start to be everywhere, people could be more paranoid as to whether or not they are doing something wrong. It just is not a good idea.

  • The Police Presence Is Fine

    The police do not need a greater street presence. They already have a lot as it is. Whenever someone goes driving, for a walk, or does anything outside of their home, they know that cops are around. Adding more police are adding to their job would be excessive in my opinion.

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