Should police in Flint be charged or penalized for losing their firearms?

  • Reprimand those who should have been responsible

    It's reasonably presumed by the public that police take being entrusted with weapons seriously. Most of the time, theft of a weapon implies laxity in the securing of that weapon. The Flint police department apparently had no inventory system, and was also lax about firearms transfer paperwork. Failure to follow what should be common sense procedures, both of security and documentation, should lead to a reprimand or termination. The public needs to have confidence that the police can be trusted not to lose firearms, or have them stolen. Confiscated weapons also have to be locked away as evidence, destroyed or returned to their rightful owners.

  • The firearms could be in the hands of someone dangerous

    The police have a duty to protect their firearms and stop them from being taken by other people. Someone might take a police firearm and commit crimes with it. If a policeman loses his firearm, he should be penalized, unless he was in a life-threatening situation and his attackers took the firearm from him.

  • Why the Flint Police Department Should be Punished

    The Flint Police Department in Michigan recently reviewed their number of firearms and found a total of 22 to be missing. It has been reported that many of these firearms have been stolen and then used for criminal activities, such as a 15 year old boy robbing a store. This level of incompetence should not be allowed when dangerous weapons are involved. The US has seen far too many murders through the use of firearms to not take this seriously. The police should be greatly punished for the dangers they have put the citizens of Michigan in.

  • This stuff happens

    People may lose accidentally any piece of work equipment, and as long as it wasn't intentional the state should not penalize them. The second time they should be required to purchase the weapon in part themselves, then maybe they will take better care of it. People are required to do that in other jobs.

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