• Their personal information should not be publicly available.

    There is a lot of danger in police work. In very bad areas involving gangs, being off the clock doesn't give them a break. It seems like a good idea to have an anonymous unique identifier available to police officers. However, they should be required to use either that or their real name when communicating with people.

  • Police members should be anonymous

    Police members have the right to be anonymous. They are on the front lines protecting the public. However, they are potential targets of criminals. In a recent case, badge information was published despite officers' efforts to cover their numbers. Several wound up getting hurt. This should not be the case.

  • Anonymous or private?

    Police should not have their personal information in a public domain, but they should not be anonymous because what if you need one and you don't know your neighbor is a police officer and waste time waiting for a car when you could go next door and ask for help. There is a difference between protecting personal information and making them totally anonymous.

  • Not all should be anonymous

    There can be some police members who can act as undercover agents for the country and remain anonymous. That doesnt mean all police members are to be made anonymous. We should reveal the identity of policemen who are not acting in secret or as undercover agents for the country. Hence I disagree

  • Police members should be responsible for their actions

    No, police members should not all be anonymous. They are public servants and as such, they need to be identified and held personally responsible for their actions. It would be understandable for police to wish for anonymity right now with so much pressure and even anger directed toward them, but it should not be allowed.

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