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  • Hi, I'm a violent criminal.

    I have just committed a crime. Hey look, a cop car. Cops are armed. Oh no, they have found me! They won't take me without a fight! (Police: Stop right there, criminal scum! Put the gun down!) *Runs over to crowd, for the purposes of getting them to screen fire* (Police: This is your last chance-- He's running! Open fire!)
    Only a few more feet, come on, come on... *BLAM!* Nope. One less criminal scumbag in the world.
    Learn from the above example. Arm the police. You're paying for them, after all. It would be a shame if they couldn't do their jobs.
    Yes, I know this isn't actually how the police approach violent criminals. I'm exaggerating a bit in terms of how it would go, obviously.
    Look up satire before condemning me as evil. I'm not a violent criminal. This last part is to satisfy Poe's Law, nothing more.

  • They absolutely should be armed

    Police officers need to have all of the tools and weapons that are available to criminals. I think they need to have varying degrees of weaponry. They need things like a baton and taser that are part of their force escalation, but they also need to have immediate access to guns to meet the real threats that are occurring every day.

  • Only minimal force neccesary

    Of course they should be armed with batons and tasers if neccesary, but they should only carry the minimum amount of force necessary, that means almost absolutely never carrying weapons of assault or deadly force.

    (On carrying guns)And do we trust individuals to be walking public streets carrying deadly force? Yes we have psych tests but I feel the power to take anyone's life on the squeeze of a trigger is just too much power to give an individual roaming our streets.

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SweetTea says2014-03-13T11:35:58.510
Would you want to do their job without a weapon?

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